ISU Skating Awards online - Saturday, July 11, 2020


Looking forward to U.S. club competition season
For those who want to watch the live stream (and replay), here's the YT link:

Tanith and Charlie White will host the event and have the opportunity to speak to all nominees live during the show, and finally, have the honor of revealing the results.

Event info:

Nominees (3 finalists) in the 6 categories are listed here:

1) Most Valuable Skater
Honors the Single Skater or Pair or Ice Dance Couple who best managed to increase the level of popularity of Figure Skating with their fan base, media attention and sponsor appreciation.
  • Nathan CHEN (USA)
  • Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON (FRA)
  • Yuzuru HANYU (JPN)
2) Best Costume
Honors the Single Skater or Pair or Ice Dance Couple whose costume reflects creativity, contemporary implementation, fashion, style and originality.
  • Madison CHOCK / Evan BATES (USA) (Free Dance)
  • Anna SHCHERBAKOVA (RUS) (Free Skating)
  • Yuzuru HANYU (JPN) (Free Skating ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating)
3) Most Entertaining Program
Honors the Single Skater or Pair or Ice Dance Couple whose program had the best music selection, expression, creativity, contemporary implementation, originality and overall performance.
  • Kevin AYMOZ (FRA) (Short Program)
  • Evgenia MEDVEDEVA (RUS) (Free Skating)
  • Gabriella PAPADAKIS/Guillaume CIZERON (FRA) (Rhythm Dance)
4) Best Newcomer
Honors a talented Single Skater or Pair or Ice Dance Couple competing very successfully in ISU Events on the Senior level for the first season.
  • Alexandra TRUSOVA (RUS)
  • Young YOU (KOR)
5) Best Choreographer
Honors the choreographic work of a Choreographer who successfully inspired one or several Single Skaters and/or Pairs and/or ice Dance Couples.
  • Shae-Lynn BOURNE
  • Marie-France DUBREUIL
  • Lori NICHOL
6) Best Coach
Honors a Coach who delivered professional and efficient work and achieved outstanding results with one or several Single Skaters and/or Pairs and/or ice Dance Couples.
  • Brian ORSER
7) Lifetime Achievement Award
Honors a Figure Skating legend having achieved great success and popularity and is considered as a role model for the Figure Skating World.
  • Will be revealed live during the Online ISU Skating Awards

Jury members:
Miki Ando (JPN)
Surya Bonaly (FRA)
Lu Chen (CHN)
Todd Eldredge (USA)
Tatiana Navka (RUS)
Eric Radford (CAN)

Orm Irian

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I think I'll be washing my hair catching up on Season 3 of Harlots on SBSOnline instead. :p Enjoy, everyone who's interested!


Let the skating begin
The sound is out of sync. Tanith was talking with her mouth closed and nodding at what Charlie was saying. :lol:


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I like Charlie White in this format. I get more of a sense of who he is, but not in an intentional way. He’s very awkward, and the polite laughter is weirdly endearing. He’s seems very self-aware, so he keeps giving us moments where he’s in his head for a second.

Such a contrast with Tanith who is just completely natural and comfortable in her own skin.

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