ISU Communication 2558 - season 2023/24 Single & Pair Skating Levels of Difficulty & Guidelines for marking GOE & PCS

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What about a Hamill Camel to sit spin? :)

I also recall Michelle Kwan doing an unusual transition from camel to corkscrew in one version of Scherazade. I wonder if that would count.
I don't know about corkscrew (which is the name used for a sit spin variation), but I do remember this:

Not sure if this would count?

requiring significant strength, skill and control and having an impact on the ability to execute the position change.

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In looking at recent USFS events protocols I noticed a new way of showing the single skater's step sequences with Y's or N's like a rhythm dance's key points. Is this a new way of showing how a skater achieved or didn't achieve their level on the step sequence? Is this only a USFS thing or will this be shown that way in ISU protocols too? Just curious.

Here's an example from the recent All Year Open Senior Free Skate:

Elyce Lin-Gracey got YNY for a level 3 step and Lindsay Mattenson got a YNN for a level 2 step. (Also interesting that Elyce skated Senior here, guessing she's moving up to Senior domestically.)

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