Hyoen 2019 - Like The Moonlight | Figure Skating x The Tale of Genji | Yokohama Arena, July 26 - 28 - Starring Daisuke Takahashi, Stéphane Lambiel


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Is there anything this man can't do? His acting and singing are so good an so moving.
I am in heaven!!!
I know! I watched multiple shows last weekend, and I have to admit I had underestimated his talent. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard his first line because it wasn't his voice I knew. He had a trained actor's voice, deep, commanding and emotional. And he sounded so natural! He never stops amazing me. I bet he is going to receive lots of offer of acting. :D

All the cast, both skaters and actors were great. Stephane and Yulia were excellent choices for those roles.

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