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Her career and what we get to watch flourish, evolve and transpire is why i live skating. You could watch that free skate , compare it to years where she’s won and say her skating hs eroded if you don’t know what you’re looking at.

That lady , was at the top, came crashing down and clawed, kicked and scraped her way back. Her attitude remained the best. Let’s not even talk about the unprecedented coaching change. She’s my new favorite, for sure. I haven’t had one since Mao but now, i do. Notable mention in terms of strong character, Alina


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Here’s more of her interview from yesterday - reflections on her performance, injury, “being back,” doubt, and weight/body issues. Reading about how she’s learning to manage her weight and body, with a focus on staying healthy and building muscle, and fostering healthier attitudes about food makes me very happy for her.


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Reading about how she’s learning to manage her weight and body, with a focus on staying healthy and building muscle, and fostering healthier attitudes about food makes me very happy for her.
If for no other reason, I will forever love her move to Cricket Club based on this alone. She is being allowed to not only take ownership of her skating, but her body as well. This will allow her to thrive in every aspect of her life now and in the future. If she never wins another medal, this would be worth everything.


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If Medvedeva can win another World Title, will she be the most succesful russian female skater career wise and in longevity ? so far her trajectory is on track up or will she fall short and be left behind behind by younger skaters technically.

shades of Maos career here all over again.


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I got to see Medvedeva skate in the last stop of this season's Stars on Ice Canada.

I'm not a fan of the programs, but I was thrilled to see her skate. Most impressive to me were her carriage/posture, her clean transitions from one body position to another, her control in descending her leg in spirals and spins, and her smooth skating in the second program.

She also has a wonderful sense of timing, and I would love to see Jeff Buttle choreograph for her and exploit that aspect of her performance.


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So impressed with her maturity as a person foremost, taking OWNERSHIP of her career. One sees this in other skaters who have had great early success, then the very natural challenging experience. In dance, I think of the Shibutani's with their journey, and how they got their career to re-inflect in a positive direction. For Med, the crossroads she recognized, the issues far from simple, her decisions complex. Regardless of outcome, the athletes who take on these challenges with this level of courage, are ones I especially admire.


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According to Russian media (referring to Japanese fans), Evgenia made few attempts to land quad salchow during the Fantasy On Ice tour - she fell two times and one quad was two-footed

At least Evgenia realized she needs to do something more than a basic program! She has to start thinking more about the technical content! Her style and maturity will not carry the day as it did a couple years ago; esp. with the next wave of stars who are already doing 3 Axels and Quads! Kwan was becoming obsolete in her waning years for the same reason! She never extended herself and she was finally surpassed technically by other skaters! :confused: :eek: :duh: :judge:


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I don’t think Kwan was obsolete at all. She got injured, and so did Medvedeva. At her worst Kwan placed 3rd in the SP and LP at her last world championship and 4th overall. Injured. Medvedeva should be honored with this comparison though. My colleagues at university adore Kwan and have been educated me on her. Also wonderful how this “technical inferior “ Medvedeva places 3rd at last worlds.


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Kwan hid a hip injury from the public for two and a half years. Raf sadly said he didn't believe her when she spoke openly about it to him in private because she said something that sounded impossible, like she could feel her bones moving where they should be fused. However, she was so well trained that she maintained her set of skills with minimal training, although she could not train enough to acquire new skills.

In the end, it makes sense considering she was doing triples both during the competitive season as a premier athlete and during tours where she was the headliner for almost 10 years.
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