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Daniel Grassl's August 19th post that announced his coaching change to Aleksey Letov and Olga Ganicheva in Norwood, Mass.:

Boyang Jin is in Toronto now - Brian Orser's November 2nd photo of him (with returning skaters Junhwan Cha & Jason Brown) at the Cricket club:
His ISU bio has been updated:

Relocated to the Michigan Ice Dance Academy (MIDA) in Canton, Michigan: Caroline Green/Michael Parsons, Katarina Wolfkostin/Jeffrey Chen, Molly Cesanek/Yehor Yehorov

Moved to the Wheaton Ice Skating Academy (WISA) in Leesburg, Virginia: Diana Davis & Gleb Smolkin

Moris Kvitelashvili has moved his training base (for now) to Egna, Italy, according to his ISU bio updated before GP Sheffield:

His teammates, Maria Kazakova/Georgy Reviya, moved to Egna earlier this year to be coached by Matteo Zanni and Barbora Reznickova Silna:
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Hungary’s Vivien Papp is in the process of moving, although she hasn’t described to where. Her present social media shows posts in Italy (Egna or ?), where she has been training for a while, on & off.


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Bradie Tennell is now adapting to French culture with the move to her longtime choreographer Benoit Richaud and tech coach Cedric Tour

This weekend was our first chance to see her competing with this new change

added- she left Tom Z in The Colorado Springs camp. Before that she was with Denise Myers in suburban Chicago
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I have a small request... if people could remind us of the old coach / training base is, that would be totally awesome!
thank-you...that would be great...From memory I was trying to figure out how many couples left Igor due to lack of whatever after Davis and Gleb starting training there and now Davis & Gleb have left Igor.

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