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Not sure if this is right Forum? Sorry if it’s wrong!

I am a longtime FSU reader and sporadic poster taking a Linguistics course in college. We have an assignment to collect data for Focal Vocabulary and Culture. Is there a coach here, or does someone know a coach, who would be willing to spend 10 minutes on the phone or Zoom to talk about the specific vocabulary of figure skating and its use in figure skating culture?

I am a former skater myself but it’s been years since I skated so I don’t know any coaches myself and the rinks around me are still closed or extremely limited.

Any help would be appreciated - 10 min I promise!


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Hi 😊
I have a Languages and Linguistics degree and I think your assignment sounds fascinating. Unfortunately I’m not a coach and don’t know of any but I just wanted to wish you luck!


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I think you might find that there are regional differences in vocabulary. So it might help to specify whether you are interested in English language usage in general (for which you might require several sources), or more broadly (more sources) or within a particular English-speaking country (one source might suffice, although that person might not be aware of all terms used elsewhere in the same country).

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