2023-24 Skate Canada National Team


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The national team has been updated on the Skate Canada website.

July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024

The National Team comprises those athletes who meet the following criteria:

Top three in senior singles, pair, and ice dance disciplines at the 2023 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships
Assigned to a 2023/24 ISU Grand Prix event at the ISU Grand Prix Selection meeting
Competing in the 2023/2024 season
Skate Canada has the discretion to add athletes/teams during the 2023-2024 season
ETA: Skate Canada release:
Skate Canada blurb (includes synchro teams).

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Copying out the full list from the press release:

Name | Age | Hometown | Coach | Training Location


Wesley Chiu | 18 | Vancouver, B.C. | Keegan Murphy & Eileen Murphy | Richmond, B.C.
Stephen Gogolev | 18 | Toronto, Ont. | Rafael Arutyunyan & Lee Barkell | Irvine, [CA] USA [and Toronto]
Conrad Orzel | 22 | Toronto, Ont. | Ravi Walia | Edmonton, Alta.
Roman Sadovsky | 24 | Vaughan, Ont. | Tracey Wainman & Grzegorz Filipowski | Richmond Hill, Ont.

Fiona Bombardier | 18 | Newmarket, Ont. | Bruno Marcotte | Oakville, Ont. [new addition]
Sara-Maude Dupuis | 18 | Montreal, Que. | Stéphane Yvars & Françoise Parisé | Boucherville, Que. [new addition]
Kaiya Ruiter | 17 | Calgary, Alta. | Scott Davis | Calgary Alta. [new addition]
Madeline Schizas | 20 | Oakville, Ont. | Nancy Lemire & Derek Schmidt | Milton, Ont.

Kelly Ann Laurin | 17 | St-Jérôme, Que. & Loucas Éthier | 23 | Deux-Montagnes, Que. | Stéphanie Valois | Rosemère, Que. [new addition]
Brooke McIntosh | 18 | Toronto, Ont. & Benjamin Mimar | 22 | Terrebonne, Que. | Andrew Evans & Alexander Sheldrick | Toronto, Ont.
Lia Pereira | 18 | Milton, Ont. & Trennt Michaud | 26 | Trenton, Ont. | Alison Purkiss & Nancy Lemaire | Brantford, Ont. [Lia is a new addition]
Deanna Stellato-Dudek | 40 | Chicago, USA & Maxime Deschamps | 31 | Vaudreuil-Dorion, Que. | Josée Picard | Sainte-Julie, Que.

Nadiia Bashynska | 19 | Ajax, Ont. & Peter Beaumont | 21 | Ajax, Ont. | Carol Lane & Juris Razgulajevs | Scarborough, Ont. [new addition]
Alicia Fabbri | 20 | Terrebonne, Que. & Paul Ayer | 25 | Brossard, Que. | Marie-France Dubreuil & Patrice Lauzon | Montreal, Que.
Laurence Fournier-Beaudry | 30 | Montreal, Que. & Nikolaj Soerensen | 34 | Montreal, Que. | Marie-France Dubreuil & Patrice Lauzon | Montreal, Que.
Piper Gilles | 31 | Toronto, Ont. & Paul Poirier | 31 | Unionville, Ont. | Carol Lane & Juris Razgulajevs | Scarborough, Ont. 
Marjorie Lajoie | 22 | Boucherville, Que. & Zachary Lagha | 24 | Saint-Hubert, Que. | Romain Haguenauer | Montreal, Que.
Molly Lanaghan | 24 | Doncaster, GB & Dmitre Razgulajevs | 26 | Ajax, Ont. | Carol Lane & Juris Razgulajevs | Scarborough, Ont.
Marie-Jade Lauriault | 26 | Ste-Anne-Des-Plaines, Que. & Romain Le Gac | 28 | Laval, Que. | Marie-France Dubreuil & Patrice Lauzon | Montreal, Que.

Les Suprêmes | Pascal Denis & Marilyn Langlois | CPA Saint-Léonard
NEXXICE | Jennifer Beauchamp-Chrichton & Shelley Simonton Barnett | Burlington Skating Centre
Nova | Dominic Barthe & Nadine Tougas | Club de Patinage Synchronisé Nova


Canadian ladies über
Looks like one of last year's ice dance teams parted ways?
There were nine teams on the national team last year. Soucisse and Firus are switching to represent Ireland and Makita and Gunara did not place high enough at nationals and did not get a grand prix this year, thus are not on the national team.

ETA: Forgot about Sales and Wamsteeker who ended their partnership.


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I don't think this is being discussed anywhere yet so I thought I'd post to this thread. Skate Canada has published their selection criteria for ISU Championships: https://skatecanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/2024-ISU-Championships-Selection-Criteria.pdf

What I found interesting is:

The HPDC reserves the right to nominate athletes to any 2024 ISU Championship any time following the conclusion of the 2023-2024 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final in Beijing, China (December 10, 2023) and in no circumstances beyond February 4, 2024,
following the conclusion of the 2024Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Shanghai, China.

Notwithstanding historical practice, for 2023-2024, in the case of the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, complications associated with travel (obtaining visas and arranging air travel, etc.) may necessitate athlete selection prior to the conclusion of the 2024 Canadian National Skating Championships (January 13, 2024).

And "Placement and scores at the 2024 ISU Four Continents Championships" is part of the selection criteria for worlds, so possible skate offs there.

I wonder if Skate Canada will nominate the teams who qualified for the grand prix final to the world championship team and/or 4CC team immediately after the GPF.


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I'm happy that a lot of skaters were able to get their 4CC minimums this year. But honestly any skate off at 4CC for the women would be to be a substitute for worlds, providing they can even get the TES there. I don't see anyone challenging Schizas domestically this year even if she had a bad day and she's the only one with the TES for worlds.

I know the selection rules don't mention the Challenge competition but if they have to name the 4CC team prior to nationals concluding I wonder if a good skate there might help someone get selected. It could fit under the criteria "Other relevant criteria deemed appropriate for selection."


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