2018 Eurovision Semi 2 Live Thread - Now That's How A Song Goes Wrong


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French lady sounded a lot better singing Portugal's winning song than her own.


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France is going to end up at the bottom again, and the British song sounds like a U2 ripoff ( which might be good for itbecause U2). Italy is going to shamelessly try for "songs that matter", uhhh.


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I actually thought Montenegro would make it!! Not sure how Serbia made it!!


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I would have much rather seen Malta or Romania over Serbia.

As much as I'm trying to get drunk, I'm really wondering whether the Dutch entry is trying to say something about sexual and/or racial politics, but I can't think about that. Eurovision isn't for thinking.

All five of the songs I wanted to make the finals did. Now I hope Israel wins, but I'll be okay with Cyprus.


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I don't get how Norway and Serbia went through. Whatever I got the four I liked the most. See you all on Saturday with hopefully better singing all around.


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Well see you all Saturday - I need to go buy more wine though as I seem to have emptied my bottle :nopryde:


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They drove me to the kitchen for a glass (bottle) of wine!!!

Haha, me too, exactly right in the middle of their "stompography" ;).

I actually enjoyed Moldova - I hope they qualify so I can see it again :D

My guilty pleasure this year :D.
Wow this semi is dire :yikes:

So true! I'm still crying that Belgium and Aze were in the other semi...

Geez. I wanted to like Poland but that was crap. I preferred the Polish guy last year singing about colors...

Michał Szpak's song about colours was two years ago. Last year we sent Kasia Moś with "Flashlight" :). I don't think that Poland was THAT bad - imho, surely better than Rybak. Or the Vikings whose leader was so out of tune at one point...

Latvia's Kaitlyn Weaver's performance was captivating enough but the singing. :scream:

When I saw Laura Rizzotto tonight, I expected to hear "Je suis malade" :p.

If Moldova, Slovenia, and Ukraine don't make the final I am boycotting* it!!!!

Your wishes were Europe's commands :).


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I could use some vikings here. I can take one. Or two.
Loved Norway (hello fairytaaaaaale). Loved the netherlands, he should have won the year Conchita rose like a phénix.

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An email from The Economist in my inbox this morning:

Partisanship at Eurovision is becoming more blatant: collusion between countries has increased tenfold in 40 years

The authors define collusion as a consistently greater exchange of voting points between two countries than would be expected by random allocation alone. Such relationships used to be rare...

The strongest networks have developed among Nordic countries and among former members of the Soviet Union. In the past 20 years, those groups have won 13 titles between them...

There has been no such glory for the so-called “Big Five”, who qualify for the final automatically: Germany, Britain, France, Spain and Italy. These countries have rarely collaborated with anyone.

:blocjudge :skandal :blocjudge :skandal :blocjudge


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Have a feeling that Russia entered such a sub par act on purpose. :shuffle:
That is pretty much the consensus on the Russian fan boards.

Moldova is in.. :D who would have thought.. still my favorite song after Ukraine.

When is the deadline to vote for Finalists on this site?


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When is the deadline to vote for Finalists on this site?

Yesterday. :lol:

There is still time if you can get them to me by tomorrow morning my time. Just remember that we are voting on who qualified for the FSU final and not who qualified for the real thing! ;)


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So true! I'm still crying that Belgium and Aze were in the other semi...
Or Switzerland, or anyone other than Iceland, if TPTB now choose the running order why not allocate the semis once all songs come out to even things out?

Or the Vikings whose leader was so out of tune at one point...
It cracks me up that he's supposed to be the "manly" bearded viking yet he's wearing more make up than the other 42 acts combined :rofl:

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