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  • :rockstar: Happy birthday. April is the best month, all the big competitions done and time to re-watch and enjoy the sunshine.
    Have a nice day and thank you :rockstar:

    I just sent $39.00 via PayPal for a year's membership; this is not for me as I already have a membership. This is for my friend, Nancy Abrams; I believe she calls herself NancyonSI. If you have any questions, just shoot me a e-mail. Thanks very much.

    Ellen Mason

    I thought you might be interested in the exchange between me and a long term skating friend and Russian Team Leader. It is great to know that none of our skating family has been hurt by thoes bastereds.


    Dear íÏrry
    It is valid at us inš a hall of an arrival of passengers,š where meet the relatives and friends yesterday at 16.32 were thundered with powerful explosion. More than 30 person was lost, many have received wounds. Awful tragedy.
    šOur general friends there were not. Valentine andšGorshkov today have departed to Switzerland on the championship of the Europe.
    We hope for good results. First of all in a pair figure skating,šladies and dances.šIn the men eventš Menshov andšGachinski arešdebutants of superiority, but suddenly can well skating.
    Best regards
    Merry happy shaggy Christmas! Thank you so much for keeping FSU!
    Hugs from Finnice aka Leena
    Hi Sharpie. I'm just wondering why all my rep points are gone. I had one negative comment and then suddenly I'm back at 0.
    Sharpie, it's Emma aka Madge. I finally got into the old email account that I had and got your message. I'm so sorry I have aggravated you to death I know. Thank you for fixing my account, I had no idea what had happened. I'm renewing tonight so I won't forget it.
    Hi Sharpie

    I signed up for Season Pass and Premium Access on November 11th 2009, paid by credit card ïn Dollars and got immediately access for the Season pass but have still no access for the secret sources. Please could you check, that I get also Access to the secret sources?

    Just now, as I told friends of mine, that I have still no access to Secret Sources, I learned that it woulld have been enough to sign up for Premium Access as this is including the Season Pass too. Is that really true? If yes, how can we save this problem as it seems as I paid twice for the same service?
    Sorry for bothering you and big thanks for taking care of my problem in advance.
    Hi, How do I sign up for a season pass, because the link is not working for me as well. Thanks!
    I am trying to subscribe to FSUnivers for the 2009-2010 season. However, I cannot access the link provided in Great Skate Debate. How may I subscribe?
    Hi Sharon
    I tried to send a donation via paypal using your link but it says I do not have the prividges to do it. I need a good link to use paypal. I suggest you put it on the site as a thread as there are many of us that want to donate.


    I am again blocked out of the Kiss & Cry 2009.... Could you please change it.. As I always got a pass for free.

    Thanks ! Jeroen

    P.S. ALready nervous for Frankfurt... TC exam for Pairs!

    Please delete my thread, "Yu-Na on TV Show". I've got to know the video was not allowed to post due to copyright infringement.

    Sorry for inconvenience. Thanks.

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