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    Really, part deux

    So sorry to read this news. I've been in and out over the months, reading up on the journey, sending positive thoughts... now to read this... I"m so sorry Gerry. To you and the whole family, my deepest condolences. What a lovely obituary, what a lovely banner, SHARPIE. RIP, Lee, you will be...
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    Just call me Harry. (Everything Harry & Meghan)

    OMG. Archie continues to be a dead ringer for his maternal grandfather! Happy Birthday to the little tot!
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    Anderson Cooper is a dad!

    I have watched Anderson for years. I love his silly humour. Congratulations to him. I hope they are very happy together.
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    Shooting in Nova Scotia

    I haven't seen anyone blaming her either, and they should not. He was already headed down that path. She might intellectually know that it wasn't her fault, that he was already disturbed, but that feeling of guilt just might be there anyway, no matter how many times people will tell her...
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    Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir #48: Long Time Running

    I had heard about Tessa and Morgan a while back because someone I know (who doesn't know skating but knows hockey) saw them together and asked me if they were an item. A the time I was like, oh? hmmm... nice to see it confirmed and that they seem very happy.
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    Shooting in Nova Scotia

    Just a sad story all around. I feel for Nova Scotia and the families/friends etc.... šŸ˜¢ I feel badly for the girlfriend who was able to escape and run into the woods to hide... knowing that you might be the spark that set off this inferno, how she must feel... I hope she's alright....but he was...
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    Royalty Thread#12 Tiaras, Palaces & Gilded Cages

    Louis looks sooo much like his mother and grandfather. I've always thought Kate looks like her dad while Pippa looks like Mom, especially around the eyes. Anyway, he's an adorable little boy now, such a gorgeous boy. Can't believe he's already 2 years old!
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    Romper Room BarbaPapa Mr. Dress Up The Friendly Giant The Little Rascals Hammy Hamster Wonderful World of Disney Gilligan's Island Wide World of Sports on Saturday afternoons was a big thing but it was for everyone...(I loved their opening montage, especially with the guy crashing off the ski...
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    Royalty Thread#12 Tiaras, Palaces & Gilded Cages

    As expected. Happy Hollywood to them. Lovely to see the little Royals. Louis looks so much like his maternal grandfather... and Kate!
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    Royalty Thread#12 Tiaras, Palaces & Gilded Cages

    Very glad that we won't have to pay for them anymore. Private citizens should pay for their own security. I have the feeling end game is some gated celebrity neighbourhood in L.A. anyway.
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    Royalty Thread#12 Tiaras, Palaces & Gilded Cages

    OK, so now there's another royal divorce. Princess Margaret's son has announced he's divorcing his wife Serena after 26 years... My goodness. I know the UK has suffered some bad flooding these days from storms, but it seems like the floodgates have opened for Royal marriage breakups as well!
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    Royalty Thread #11: Putting the "Fun" in Dysfunctional

    Ok. So.... Peter Philips and his wife Autumn have separated!! I just read it on the DailyMail... I thought that they looked like a pretty solid couple, with no rumours swirling around at all. The article says he was surprised because he thought they were a happily married couple. Too bad.
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    Love, Balls and Courting: Tennis V

    Osaka lost . Too bad. She is great when on, but had so many mistakes... since the split with sasha she isnt the same... but, coco is a good young player without attitude, so far... and serena lost. I had a feeling she'd lose, she had that look on her face today, so I wasnt surprised. I like that...
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    Royalty Thread #11: Putting the "Fun" in Dysfunctional

    I was disappointed with how this news was made public, apparently against the wishes of the Queen. There should have been a little more respect there. They could have at least waited a couple of more days so that Kate's birthday could have passed first (nice birthday gift, H and M). However...
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    Royalty Thread #10 -Archie Phase 2 - Bold and Bald Still

    This news doesn't surprise me in the least, considering the interviews we were getting about their discontent. The Royal life doesn't seem to suit them, so they might as well find what does work for them going forward instead of carrying on and being unhappy. Edit: I'm not sure all posts...
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