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  • LOL, if I still drank, BYTCH, I sure would. Your friend sounds certifiable. And if she tells your personal business, let her. It will only make her look like an asshat to everyone, and no one will ever trust her with anything again.
    as senora bango my spanish teacher always said, im kind of fast and loose with my verb tenses. he's really most sincerely dead.
    I feel your pain. I loved ChiChis and it is gone from here too. When our fsu paths cross we must chat about India--what a trip, literally and figuratively. The longer I'm away from it the more I think I could handle return visit, but I sure couldn't wait to get back home when I was there.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you feel about gross food, my Chi Chi's went out of business and was torn down.
    Hey Bytch! I don't think you've ever crossed the line to me-that I can remember. Now...what thread were you refering to? I'd be happy to expand my thoughts, but I'm not sure which one you mean. Hey-it's early and I haven't had enough caffeine yet! Hope you have a great day!
    as miserable as but I got a table side diagnosis so not official but doesn't look like the big C.. so I can live with that.. anti biotics and a high fibre
    Hi there, I got your PM, but your PM box is full. Yes, the card is homemade. I'm so glad you liked it! My sister did almost all of the work. She really does a great job with the artist trading cards. You can take the card off of the front of the greeting card if you want to frame it or something. It is only attached with the photo corners. I have to start thinking of ideas for next year's cards now.
    :) I really have to get to some more of the galleries up here in the north of England, oddly the great collections of that kind of art are up north rather than in London! Because it's unfashionable, I suppose, but I adore it.
    thanks for the congrats.. I'm even more excited that I can do the summer courses online so won't interefere with my summer plans as much..
    I have a sad, sad story about it, too. It was my mother's beetle. We used to drive 20 minutes to the rink where she worked. Of course, the darn thing wouldn't warm up until we were 5 minutes away. It was worse on the way home when we were already cold LOL.

    I loved that thing. I did all of my learning to drive in it. They surprised me by giving it to me for my birthday. Wheeee!!!!!

    Two weeks later I was coming home from work. I hit a bad icy patch on a bridge. I crossed over the cement median and ended up smashed on the railing on the other side. I wasn't the only one to crash there that night.

    We tried to have it fixed, but the bug was dead. Broke the back axel. Smashed in the engine. Actually, considering that I wasn't belted in I was probably lucky to walk away with no injuries.

    Sigh. That was one great car.
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