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Dear Sharpie,

Somehow the 2022 Ice Challenge thread got disappeared from the 2022-2023 Challenger Series board. I wonder if this is a problem from myside only or a real disappearance.
Is this resolved now? I would rather you private message me.
Joni Mitchell once said, "I believe a total unwillingness to cooperate is what is necessary to be an artist — not for perverse reasons, but to protect your vision." Some of the most memorable skaters of all time have done just that - not co-operated.
Unfortunately due to lack of financial support from the community, skatingvideoclips will be shutting down soon.... and probably also.

Please HELP to keep our forum running and all this video historical archive dating from as far as 2006!!
Ciao Amantide,

my name is Patrizia from Genoa, you're from Milan, aren't you? I've watched your vids of Ice Figure Skating and they are fantastic. I'd like to ask you something about them but I do not know how to get in touch with you. Will you be so kind to send me an email to [email protected]?
Grazie e ciao.
Things seemed so much simpler just a couple of months ago.
Seemed. The plans for a war on Ukraine started some years ago.
And apparently so did the doping. :shuffle:
My feeling is that the safest thing for Kamila to do is go out and do her best performance. I don't blame her. This is about surviving at this point.
So I wonder which other lil jumping robot with gloves will win Ladies if whatsherface is out...
Wow ... Seerek is the first to describe a floop on FSU in response to Tony 😜

Is this kind of tendancy of twisting the toe pick is what people refer to as a floop? Or is that something different altogether (with regards to taking off the lutz literally on the outside edge)?
:lol: Funny that it comes in reply to a comment I made nearly 20 years ago. I believe we've had further discussions where Sandra Loosemore was pointed out as having written about this technique in the 90's.
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