Tell Us What You Think of When You Think of the REAL America


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It's just that we haven't met.
True dat.
But I know at least 10 women who match that description pretty much down the line.
But you live in Ohio.

In San Francisco, less than four percent of the population describes itself as Evangelical Protestant (mostly Baptist).

While I couldn't immediately find a breakdown by race and age, I am fairly confident that a lot of those Evangelical Baptists are not white, and if they are white, they are young and haven't lived here long.

Not that I would regard San Francisco as the quintessence of America. :shuffle:


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To me, when people talk about the "REAL" wherever, people always choose some obscure place that so few people frequent. It's like when tourists say, "I want to go where the locals go", I say, "Okay, let's head over to the Walmart".

Interesting discussion about the melting pot vs mosaic ideology. As a Canadian with 95% of my family living somewhere in the US, it is me and my sister who among the cousins never retained our Vietnamese language. We probably fit the North American identity more so than our cousins. At least while I was growing up, my friends and I would always say we were very Banana. The older I get, the more Asian I feel. I still can't speak Vietnamese.

While my city is known to have a very prominent Indo Canadian population, my culdesac, school were quite varied. My cousins were raised in a stronger "Asian Bubble", for better or for worse. But I think it is a function of numbers. We are not that big a country, where we can so rely on one culture of people to make a decent living. Our Little Saigon is nothing compared to Orange County or Houston.

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I am 70 years old & have lived through many shifts in most aspects of American life & thinking. Some bad but most, good. And when we as a nation have put the disaster that is Trump behind us, we will move forward, again, "with great vigor" or, "vigah" :lol: as President Kennedy used to say.

If there were one word to describe us as a people or nation, I would say it was, "resilient". We are also great adventurers. Nobody else has their flag flying on the moon.

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