Tamara Moskvina and Alexei Mishin celebrate 50 years of coaching


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It was a prank by a crazy fan, who photoshoped a picture with 3 medals - Silver SLC, Gold Turin, Platinum Vancouver, and posted it on Plushenko's fan page. It was officially disputed by Plushenko and his agent.
The crazy fan got the idea to make such a picture, because Yana, Plush's wife, said in some interview "so much work and pain went into preparations for Vancouver, that any medal is worth its weight in platinum to us".

The foto was quickly removed, but people saved copies... :lol:
probably these women were the "guilty" https://www.instagram.com/anais167/ or https://www.instagram.com/vera23710/


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Some quotes from yesterday's show:
Please, open the link for some videos and photos from the event :)

"Tamara was an organized, conscientious partner. She loved to analyze everything, a real diamond! Remember, there was a pair in figure skating (I won't name them) in which the partner had 11 concussion? So, my partner escaped this fate, but she received 'body concussions' many times,” - says Mishin.
The Professor doesn't consider it necessary to single out one of his many students: “First you tell me who is best — Chekhov or Dostoevsky? Both are brilliant, and it's impossible to choose only one of them. Same goes to my star students.
Moskvina about their first steps as coaches:
We didn't have any rest. We immediately rushed into the next battle exactly 50 years ago. Well, we started catching even when we were still skating. Showed younger skaters how to execute elements, jumps. I didn't have any other option after retirement. I remember my very first student, Irina Vorobyova. I created some interesting elements fro her and Vlasov, for example, one hand lift. Now Irina is my colleague, she works in America.
Aleksandr Smirnov:
Our first meeting with Tamara Nikolaevna happened in the corridors of this exact palace [Yubileyni Palace of Sports], when I had a try-out in the Velikovs group. I don’t remember the exact year, but I was very young. I saw Tamara Nikolaevna: she, as usual, run somewhere. We had a good talk. It was an honor for me that such a great person paid attention to me. And later we became a family for 12 years. My coach is a very good psychologist, who knows how to feel the mood of athletes even by their walking.
Alexei Mishin:
The title of 'Professor' is not heavy. This is my nickname among students and fans of figure skating. I don't even want to sum up our half-century work. I only know that tomorrow, at 10:45, I, as usual, will be here, in the palace [Yubileyni], to continue to polish my diamonds. Today, my main inspiration is in my grandson Alyosha [Alexei Mishin Jr, as Mishin called him yesterday :) ], to whom I always convey greetings in the mixed zone.

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