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I went to get my skates sharpened today, for the first time in far too long, and my local skate shop is really hurting. This is a shop that gets customers from across the region and beyond, so it has a wide customer base.

The number of sharpenings they're doing is down because fewer people are skating this fall. That also means fewer sales of boots/blades and accessories (skate bags, blade covers, etc.) Also, because there are no competitions for the foreseeable future, no one is buying competition outfits, warm-up jackets/pants, and so on. So in addition to everything else in skating that's suffering because of the v*r*s and the shutdowns, skate shops are really hurting too.

I really don't know where I would go if this shop closed down, because there aren't any other shops I would trust that I could drive to in a reasonable time. So I bought a punch card for pre-paid sharpenings. Hopefully I will get to use all of them :lol: but if you have a local skate shop that you love, and you are able to spend something there, please go there and help them out.


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I just bought new boots, blades, and a sharpening card and the owner was super happy about that. Please support your local skate shops. I know online shopping (especially for Edeas which I wear) makes it a lot cheaper, but you're paying for service and a likely discount if you need something fixed later if you're getting new boots or blades.

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