Oksana Grishuk Interview with Natalia Maryanchik


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Today sports.ru uploaded a lengthy, wide-ranging interview with the always entertaining Oksana Grishuk:

Don't be too misled by the attention-grabbing headline regarding her claim that Evgeny was always in love with her during their competitive career. Oksana discusses all topics past and present, from her competitive career with Platov and short-circuited planned return to the 2006 Olympics with Tchernyshev to her Hollywood exploits and finally her current life as mom to her daughter Skyler who turned her junior tennis tour career into attending prestigious Princeton University. While acknowledging many of her past controversies, all-in-all she is quite complimentary to past coaches Natalia Linichuk and Tatyana Tarasova as well as Evgeny. only a certain smoke-blowing person who shall not be named seems to be unforgiven! The article includes several newer pictures including one sharing a meal on the Pacific Ocean with her mom and daughter. Oksana is always a fun interview for both her fans and detractors!


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Several months ago, my relative showed me a video of this woman performing "Happy Birthday" a la Marilyn Monroe. It was one of the most discomforting things I've seen, even during the pandemic.

She is delusional if she believed any rational person would compare her to Isabella Rosseelini, although I do think there would be a niche market if she offered her karaoke cassettes and throw pillows for sale on etsy or somewhere comparable.

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There was another bad story. One very angry woman - I don’t want to name her - decided to ruin our preparations for the Olympics. She came to where we were preparing - the small town of Marlborough, about 40 minutes from Boston. She pretended to come to help another coach who worked at our rink. And she herself came every morning, stood at the front door to the skating rink, smoked, blew smoke in my face and called me swear words.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: And suddenly, just like that, I'm transported back to 1997!

Didn't Esta tell this same story? :shuffle:

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