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Starting the new season's "Obscure European Skaters" thread with links to the Swiss federation's national athletes information page...
In German: https://www.swissiceskating.ch/de/kunstlauf/kader-und-athleten/kader
In French: https://www.swissiceskating.ch/fr/patinage-artistique/cadres-et-athletes/cadres

Direct link to the 2021/22 national team list (dated 17 May 2021): https://www.swissiceskating.ch/1_ku...selektionen-nationalmannschaft-2021-22-fr.pdf

Équipe nationale Élite (+19)
• Alexia PAGANINI, Winterthurer SC
• Yasmine Kimiko YAMADA, EC Zürich

• Lukas BRITSCHGI, ESF Frauenfeld
• Nurullah SAHAKA, EC Küsnacht
• Micha STEFFEN, ESC Bern
• Nicola TODESCHINI, CP La Chaux-de-Fonds

Ice Dance
• Victoria MANNI*, ESC Zürich-Oerlikon & Carlo RÖTHLISBERGER*, Club Pattinaggio Chiasso

Équipe nationale Junior (M19)
• Noémie BODENSTEIN*, CP Lausanne Malley

Équipe nationale Junior (M17)
• Jaëlle CHERVET*, ESC Bern
• Sara FRANZI, Club Pattinagio Bellinzona
• Livia KAISER, Dübendorfer EC
• Anna LA PORTA, ELS Basel
• Kimmy REPOND, ELS Basel
• Sarina JOOS, ESC Zürich-Oerlikon

• Noah BODENSTEIN*, CP Lausanne Malley
• Naoki ROSSI, EC Zürcher Oberland

Ice Dance:
• Gina ZEHNDER, EC Küsnacht • Beda Leon SIEBER, EC Küsnacht

* Sous réserve de confirmation sur la base d’un Test Skate organisé par Swiss Ice Ice Skating.

There was a Junior Grand Prix selection event on 26 June in Bäretswil and two 14-year-olds -- Kimmy Repond (link to her Instagram post with FS clip: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQqTTl3hkVf/) and Naoki Rossi (2 clips from his FS: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQoDwIUpLXE/) -- have qualified to participate in the JGP for the first time.


Happy 2023! :)
In the Spotlight: Loena Hendrickx (BEL) jumps into the top-five of the World: https://www.isu.org/figure-skating/...to-the-top-five-of-the-world?templateParam=15

Direct link to watch her interview video that was uploaded on July 9 to the Skating ISU YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPbMADwiRwk

Hendrickx's 2 Grand Prix assignments are Cup of China & Rostelecom Cup

Other OES ladies selected for the GP (without country-specific news threads in GSD):
Olga Mikutina (AUT): NHK Trophy & Rostelecom Cup
Ekaterina Ryabova (AZE): Internationaux de France & Rostelecom Cup
Ekaterina Kurakova (POL): Skate America & Rostelecom Cup
Alexia Paganini (SUI): Skate Canada
Eva-Lotta Kiibus (EST): Rostelecom Cup


Results of CZE test skates:

Seems like more RUS c-tiers are switching.
Sviridenko now. PCS in comparison to lil'Belohradsky are a joke - and I haven't seen the programs :p


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Hungary had their test skates last week (August 14-15) - results:
Day 2 livestream on YT can still be viewed: http://hunskate.hu/events/tesztverseny

These recaps machine translate okay:


Vivien Papp, 13, shows promise (landed 3 3Lz in her Junior programs) - she is scheduled to make her JGP debut at #3 in Slovakia.

Julia Lang did not skate here because she "broke the fifth metatarsal bone in her right foot during an off ice practice": https://www.instagram.com/p/CSlh5c0Kur4/
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The Estonian skaters scheduled to compete at the 2nd JGP in Courchevel this week all competed and placed 1st in the Estonian test event that took place in Tallinn on August 3-4 (eta that the Senior event results aren't fully published for some reason): http://data.tallinntrophy.eu/results/2020/kontrollstart/2021/index.htm

In the Junior Men's event, Arlet Levandi placed 1st overall (208.93) and won the FS, landing 7 triples through Lutz (139.39): http://data.tallinntrophy.eu/results/2020/kontrollstart/2021/JuunioridMehed_FS_Scores.pdf
Mihhail Selevko was 2nd (194.86) and won the SP (81.53), landing 3F, 3A & 3Lz+3T: http://data.tallinntrophy.eu/results/2020/kontrollstart/2021/JuunioridMehed_SP_Scores.pdf

Niina Petrokina, who did not compete in 2020-21, won Junior Ladies (175.25), landing 7 triples in the FS (121.78): http://data.tallinntrophy.eu/results/2020/kontrollstart/2021/JuunioridNaised_FS_Scores.pdf

The new Junior ice dance team of Solene Mazingue (from France)/Marko Jevgeni Gaidajenko edged out Tatjana Bunina/Ivan Kuznetsov (they placed 7th at the first JGP in Courchevel last week): http://data.tallinntrophy.eu/results/2020/kontrollstart/2021/SEG010.HTM
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In the Junior Men's event, Arlet Levandi ...

Niina Petrokina ...

The new Junior ice dance team of Solene Mazingue (from France)/Marko Jevgeni Gaidajenko[/URL]
SILVER for Arlet Levandi in his JGP debut in Courchevel #2! :) He scored 196.93 total and won the FS (135.20), landing 6 of 7 triples cleanly through 3Lz+3T: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0TvnCCLJbI
This is Estonia's first-ever JGP men's medal!

The new team of Mazingue/Gaidajenko won the BRONZE, rising from 5th in the RD to place 3rd (84.00) in the FD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hVQEdpZwF0
This is Estonia's first JGP medal since Irina Shtork/Taavi Rand won the silver at the JGP Estonia/Tallinn Cup in 2011.

Petrokina finished 7th overall (145.32) and was 4th in the SP (2A, 3Lz+3T, 2F): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCJuDlVXzQE
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Nikolaj Majorov (SWE) fights for his Olympic dream (Aug. 26): https://www.isu.org/figure-skating/...fights-for-his-olympic-dream?templateParam=15
He kept his programs “Sound of Silence” for the Short Program and “Samurai Theme” for the Free Skating. “My strategy is nothing different from all the others seasons. I give it 100% on all competitions and hope for the best that Swedish Olympic Committee will send me to the Olympics,” Majorov said. [...]
Nikolaj will work hard to get a chance to be selected for Bejing. He will attend competitions in the fall to try to achieve the required score. “I'll start my international competitions with Finlandia Trophy in October and later we'll see,” he said. “I'll do minimum of two Challenger Series events.”
His "In the Spotlight" that's embedded in the ISU article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XpNuzGx23o

Re-posting from Josefin Taljegard's fan thread:
Josefin recently mentioned her season debut will be at Nebelhorn Trophy and revealed her new SP music in her Instagram stories - these 2 tracks:
"Ready or Not" (feat. Esthero): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVrumBAl_iM
"Ready or Not Here I Come" (feat. Cheesa): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk6bTBYB8cY

She is keeping her Joker FS program from last season. :)
Sweden's national team held their camp in Uppsala this weekend:

Team Sweden 2021/2022
Matilda Algotsson, SASK
Emelie Ling, Solna K
Nikolaj Majorov, Norrköpings KK
Josefin Taljegård, Västra Frölunda
Anita Östlund, Landvetter KK

Senior Pair team:
Greta Crafoord / John Crafoord, Landvetter KK [attained the 2022 Worlds TES minimums at Cranberry Cup]

Juniors (ISU Bios are linked if updated):
Josefin Brovall, Solna K
Julia Brovall, Solna K [ [15th in JGP Courchevel #2]
Jonathan Egyptson, Trelleborgs KK [ [8th in JGP Courchevel #1]
Casper Johansson, Tibro KK [6th in JGP Courchevel #2 with a total score of 169.43, 112.60 in FS [FS Video])
Andreas Nordebäck, Skating & Dance Academy (new addition this season)
Emelie Nordqvist, Lerums KK
Oliver Praetorius, Göteborgs KK

From the article: "Illya Solomin and Cassandra Johansson have chosen to end their active careers."


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Results but no protocols from Slovakia's test skates (August 7-8 in Bratislava):
(click on the Free Skating or Free Dance results links for the total scores)

Nicole Rajicova finished ahead of Ema Doboszova in Senior: http://www.kraso.sk/wp-content/uploads/sutaze/2021_2022/20210807_previerky/SEG004.HTM

Adam Hagara was the only Senior man: http://www.kraso.sk/wp-content/uploads/sutaze/2021_2022/20210807_previerky/SEG002.HTM

Maria Sofia Pucherova/Nikita Lysak was the only Senior dance team: http://www.kraso.sk/wp-content/uploads/sutaze/2021_2022/20210807_previerky/SEG006.HTM


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Pfund/Santillan are listed now as members of Swiss national team:
No mention of Murashov.
Are we sure this switch/release really was going to happen?
Volchkova said in an interview earlier this year that Murashov wanted to study abroad and was considering retiring.


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Hungarian fed. has a nice recap of 13-year-old Vivien Papp's very successful JGP debut in Kosice, Slovakia with photos (plus her competition videos are embedded in this article):
Machine translated except:
This also surprised Vivien very much, who set a more modest goal for his debut competition with his coaches. “We wanted to be in the top 15. My coaches praised me a lot, this top ten place exceeded all our expectations. But my main goal, as always, now was to enjoy skating and not stress, I’m glad I managed to accomplish that. And on top of that, I ran both of my programs almost flawlessly, it’s a fantastic feeling,” said a figure skater at Young Goose Academy, one of Italy’s most successful associations, who was surprised not only by the great results this week.
“When I arrived at the rink, I was just amazed at how beautiful the arena was, it was an amazing experience to go up the big track for the first time. As well as the fact that after training or about thirty people were waiting in the hallway asking for an autograph and wanting to take a photo together. I wondered if they asked me? Then after the short program, a whole group was waiting for me again. This support has also given a lot of extra strength to the competition.”
Her next JGP will be #5 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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Good to see Conor Stakelum get some coverage in the Irish media :):
"I learn from every competition I have competed in," Stakelum said.
"The most important thing I remind myself of at these types of events is to focus on my own performances which is all I can control and to enjoy the opportunity."
The five-time Irish national champion will also be debuting two new programmes in Germany, one of which will have a particularly Irish flavour.
"My short programme is set to a piece of music called 'Soulseeker' by Thomas Bergersen. It is a powerful cinematic piece of music which I think suits my style of skating well.
"My free programme is to Riverdance. Obviously, this is a very well-known piece of music which many people enjoy. I have always wanted to do a programme with an Irish theme so I am glad to be doing so this season."


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Belatedly, best wishes to Switzerland's Noemie Bodenstein, 18, who posted her retirement announcement on August 19, 2021 and wrote that she "will be starting University in September": https://www.instagram.com/p/CSw5D_PoYMj/
fter 10 years of skating I have decided to retire from it due to a hip injury. We recently found out that my previous injuries were related to my hip. I will therefore get surgery in January and although it’s been difficult to accept it I have to put my health first this time.
I’m so grateful for all the opportunities my federation has given me such as representing my country in multiple international competitions and traveling to beautiful places around the world. I also want to thank all the coaches I’ve been working with for their support, their hard work and for believing in my goals. Thank you to my friends who were there for me in my good and bad moments and to my supporters. Finally and most of all I can’t thank my family enough for always having my back and for financing this expensive and sacrifice demanding sport for me. I’m so grateful to have had my little brother skating as well and having achieved things together such as our Junior National Gold Medal in 2017. I definitely look back at my career as a beautiful path that lead me to great things and to meeting some amazing people. I’ve learnt so much and I will for sure miss being on the ice every day. I will be starting University in September and I’m excited to experience many more things outside of skating🙏🏽💔
Her ISU bio: http://www.isuresults.com/bios/isufs00102490.htm


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I thought Marilena gave two wonderful performances. Congrats to her and Cyprus for their first victory at the Challenger/Senior B level. She is only listed as a reserve for Nebelhorn, surely she would grab an Olympic spot for Cyprus In her current form. Is it to late to switch skaters?


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I thought Marilena gave two wonderful performances. Congrats to her and Cyprus for their first victory at the Challenger/Senior B level. She is only listed as a reserve for Nebelhorn, surely she would grab an Olympic spot for Cyprus In her current form. Is it to late to switch skaters?
Nah, they can switch skaters up until the draw as far as I know. Surely (hopefully) they are already working on getting her a flight to Germany.


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Switzerland has a new Dance couple: Jasmine Tessari/Stephane Walker.
They were at Swiss Test Skates today.
Her last competitions for Italy was Europeans 2020. I don't know if she has already been released by Italian Fed but I would be surprised if they would try to hold her back. They still train in Milan, Lukas Csölley was the coach with them today.


Can someone give me updates on olympic selection criteria for:
Spain 🇪🇸
Estonia 🇪🇪

How are the spots determined?


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Interview with Anastasia Gubanova

- I am extremely glad that I took part at such a big event - this is a great start. I haven’t skated at events like this for almost three years, my last international event was in Zagreb in 2018. So my emotions are going through the roof, I am very happy with the way I skated, I have completed my task.
- You debuted skating for Georgia here. This was quite unexpected news before the start of the season. How did it happen?
- Last spring, when we were all in quarantine, the Georgian federation called my coach, Evgeny Vladimirovich Rukavitsin and offered this opportunity. We began to slowly discuss everything, but I immediately agreed, because I realized that this is a huge chance. I really wanted to compete in big, serious competitions.
- What did Rukavitsin say?
- He was glad that such an opportunity appeared - and, of course, he said that I should not miss this chance. We both understood perfectly well that in Russia, due to the incredibly strong competition, it would be difficult for me to skate at a high level.
- But these strong Russian girls have not gone anywhere - and it will be just as difficult for you to compete with them. Doesn't it turn out that you agreed to skate under different flag, already agreeing to only supporting roles in women's skating?
- I'm going to fight. Without a doubt. My country switch does not cancel my ambitions. I don't give up. I did not switched calmly to skate behind the backs of other girls. But see, I simply could not even get to this event, if I continued skating for Russia, it would be impossible. And now I can come here - and am already here to compete and fight.
- How did it happen technically? Did you communicate with the Russian Skating Federation yourself?
- To be honest, I'm not at all aware of the details - Evgeny Vladimirovich and the Georgian Federation were engaged in everything. My job was to work, so I trained hard and joined the discussions on the organizational moments when it was necessary.
I have not yet seen Mariam Giorgobiani (the president of the Georgian federation, Sports.ru), only talked on the phone, discussed further plans and various technical things. And we had excellent communication with the guys from the Georgian national team before - with Morisi Kvitelashvili, for example. In St. Petersburg, the new pairs team, Nastya Metelkina and Daniil Parkman, train, and also Irakli Maisuradze - we are on very good terms with them. I am not so familiar with Masha and Gosha (Maria Kazakova and Georgy Revia - Sports.ru), because they train in Moscow, but we have also met each other and talked more than once.

Alina Urushadze and I often go to training camps together, we are old friends, since the days in CSKA.
- New team - new financial conditions, how does it work?
- So far, nothing has changed. We only went through the first start together. If there are results, I think there will be contracts. No results - no contracts, that's understandable. But the federation fully pays for my training in the group of Evgeny Vladimirovich, for ice, for all specialists. Plus, I signed a contract with one skate manufacturer, so there are no problems with equipment.

- Obviously: to stay competitive, you need to learn difficult elements. Are you discussing this with your coach?
- It will be discussed during the season, but I already have a Lutz-loop combination, for example, that can add good points. Of course, we will also work on quads. This is all in the plans.
- Skating experts often note your almost ballet posture - especially on the jumps exits. Have you done ballet?
- No, as a child I did rhythmic gymnastics for several years, but later I started taking individual lessons from a teacher from the Vaganov ballet school, we worked a lot with her. And later on, special emphasis was always placed on choreography - we really pay great attention to this.
- There are many girls who can easily be in the top 10 at the same European Championship at the Russian domestic events. But they have no chance of getting into the national team. What advice would you give them?
- If you like to skate, if you really enjoy it, then skate and not listen to anyone. Sometimes results are not that important. But if you suddenly get a call from an unfamiliar foreign number, pick up the phone.
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Beacause the curiosity killed @alchemy void and me.
Here are the 🇪🇪 selection criteria:

2 spots in Euros women, for all other disciplines and worlds: 1 spot.
Olympics: 1 spot in women and men.
No word about 4CC :D

  • TES minimums
  • sum of 2 events (CS or GP)

  • TES minimums
  • Top10 Euros finish
  • sum of 3 events (2 CS/GP scores and one ISU-calender-event after Jan 1st.)

Olympics: :eek::eek::eek:
  • athlet who earned the spot, if he/she finishes at least Top2 in the euros race
  • 2nd woman/man in euros race will be listed as sub

Love the addition regarding nationals:
The Estonian Championship does not decide to send to the ISU title competitions. The Estonian championship title has an honor.


🇪🇪 Euros Race:

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