Last 5 years of Survivor and Big Brother awards


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Looking at the last 5 years of Survivor and Big Brother who would you pick as the best player of the season (not neccessarily the winner), the worst player, the biggest jury threat of the Final 5 and the easiest to beat in a jury vote of the Final 5. My choices would be

Survivor 33: Best player- David by far, Biggest jury threat- David, Easiest jury opponent- Ken, Worst player- Taylor
Survivor 34: Best player- Sarah hands down, Biggest jury threat- Sarah, Easiest jury opponent- Troyzan, Worst player- Jeff Varner of course
Survivor 35: Best player- Christie, Biggest jury threat- Ben, Easiest jury opponent right- Ryan, Worst player- Patrick
Survivor 36: Best player- Dom, Biggest jury threat- Wendell (since he beat Dom), Easiest jury opponent- Laurel, Worst player- Chris
Survivor 37: Best player- Christian, Biggest jury threat- Alison, Easiest jury opponent- Angelina, Worst player- Dan
Survivor 38: Best player- Rick, Biggest jury threat- Rick, Easiest jury opponent- Julie, Worst player- Wendy

Big Brother 17: Best player- Vanessa by far, Biggest jury threat- Vanessa or Austin, Easiest jury opponent- Liz, Worst player- Aubrey
Big Brother 18: Best player- Paul, Biggest jury threat- Victor by far, Easiest jury opponent- James, Worst player- Jace
Big Brother 19: Best player- Paul, Biggest jury threat- Jason, Easiest jury opponent- Xmas (whole house Raven by far), Worst player- Matt or Raven, probably Matt though.
Big Brother 20: Best player- Tyler, Biggest jury threat- J.C, Easiest jury opponent- Angela, Worst player- Sam; covered the whole Final 5. I guess Fessy also has a case for worst player but he atleast could win competitions.
Big Brother 21: Best player- Jackson I guess, Biggest jury threat- Tommy by far, Easiest jury opponent- Nicole or Holly (both lose hands down to all 3 guys of the F5, not sure who wins between them though), Worst player- Jess or Sis

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