Katia Gordeeva remarried??


Like a small boat on the ocean...
I’ve driven 2,000 miles to see Gracie Gold skate. Twice. I drove 1,600 miles on the off chance she might skate at Philadelphia International, though alas she did not.

I will be driving only 6 hours to Chicago to see her in the Ice Dreams tour. Very exciting.
Is this a contest? Who drove further or flew the farthest?
Your answer doesn't really have to do with my point - casual fans and bigger appeal.
Listen, I have flown across the country to watch a competition in New York - AND, it was the only time Sasha bested Michelle.
But, I am a skating maniac, as I assume you are too!
What we do to watch skating is NOT what regular folks do. You know, set your alarm clock for 3:00 AM to watch something live
Call in sick.....well, you could be sick if you missed the finals.

And on top of all that, casual fans can't tell a Lutz from a Flip.......so it makes the scoring more difficult to understand....which leads to "It was rigged".

My granddaughter and I watched Sasha in a lesson with Mr. Nicks. She landed her first quad. Very exciting. I wouldn't have noticed had she not come running into the cafe to tell her mother.

What you and/or I would do is not indicative of what most people will do to watch a sport they adore.

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