Janet Lynn returns to Rockford, IL (Midway Village Museum) on June 10, 2023


Rockford Register Star article (May 22, 2023) by Matt Trowbridge:
Janet Lynn is a five-time U.S. National figure skating champion who won the bronze medal in the 1972 Olympics. She is probably the second-most famous athlete to ever come out of Rockford, trailing only NBA All-Star Fred VanVleet. To this day, she is regarded as a figure skating legend.

Where and when can I see her?
On June 10 at Midway Village. Tickets are $7 for Midway Village members and $15 for non-members.

More excerpts:
Why is she coming?
She was invited to do a Zoom call as part of the Museum’s honoring her 70th birthday (on April 6). Before museum officials could even ask, she volunteered to come in person. She will speak for roughly one hour, then take questions from the crowd.

Why is Janet Lynn so famous?
She is widely regarded — even today — as one of the greatest free skaters of all time. She was known for her grace and was also one of the first women to land triple jumps in competition. She was so good that figure skating changed its rules after she did not win the Olympic title. She was also, at one time, the highest-paid professional female athlete in the world.
Why did she move to Rockford?
Nowicki showed great talent at a very young age. She skated her first exhibition at age 4 at Chicago Stadium, where the Bulls won their first three NBA titles. By age 7, she was living away from home part of the year to train with coach Slavka Kohout, who worked out of the Wagon Wheel Ice Palace in Rockton. The entire family then moved to Rockford.
What did she do as a young star?
At age 11, Lynn became the youngest skater to pass all eight tests by the United States Figure Skating Association. At age 14, she finished 9th in the 1968 Olympics in France.
What was her life after the Olympics?
Lynn won one more U.S. title in 1973 and finished second in the World Championships that year. She then signed a three-year, $1.46 million contract with the Ice Follies. She married and had five boys and has led a quiet life out of the spotlight.

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Almost 30 years ago at the US Figure Skating Championships in Detroit (yes, that one!), I saw Janet accept a US Hall of Fame award in person. She was about eight months pregnant yet wearing high heels as she walked across a red carpet placed on the ice to collect her trophy. Janet still had the pixie cut she was famous for, too.


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2 local news articles that include video:


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