ISU Cancels 2020 World Figure Skating Championships


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The point in isolating is to keep you safe but also to keep others safe and to reduce the volume on the health care workers and hospitals! :wall:


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The point in isolating is to keep you safe but also to keep others safe and to reduce the volume on the health care workers and hospitals! :wall:
Give up. It's much more logical to think that the world's scientists and governments got together and agreed to make a really big deal of this and pretend it was worse than it was to make Trump look bad. ;)


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American Airlines extended the expiration date on my voucher for six if Skate America will just happen. šŸ˜Ž


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The time has come for this relentless ********* panic to end. Clearly,many have bought the narrative pushed by media and certain political groups.

Reschedule the World Championships for autumn. Failing to do so would be neurotic at best.

Procure a finely tailored facemask, if necessary,and live your lives again.

Congratulations on being part of the problem. Give yourself a big pat on the back. Sadly, that's the attitude I expect seeing as you're always so condescending.

So how many skaters exactly have said they are just fine without having a World Championships this fall? Sure, there were some limited quotes and Instagram posts, probably closely vetted by their agents and advisors, from a few top contenders. We all know that if any skater had stated that they wanted to compete at Worlds, they would have been socially shamed as evil, uncaring, selfish people. Even though young, healthy athletes have virtually ZERO chance of hospitalization or death. The projected USA deaths are already down 97% from the alarmist, fear-mongering 2,200,000 to around 60,000 as of this morning, and many of those deaths are people dying WITH it and not BECAUSE of it. It's time to start thinking about reopening the sports world and the economy, especially for events that can be postponed.

There was a time when the ISU was requiring two long programs per seasons from the top skaters during the glut of made-for-TV events a couple decades ago, and when there were the dreaded Qualification Rounds at Worlds. If given an opportunity for medals and prize money, I bet 95% or more of the skaters would show up for an October Worlds. The time window is so short for athletes in figure skating, especially in Senior Ladies, so when the rinks reopen this summer there is plenty of time to train new programs for everyone, and only the Worlds skaters need to maintain those from the prior season in competition form. They could even use those programs in the Grand Prix events if they want to show off new programs later in the season at their Nationals, Europeans/4CCs, and Worlds. Plus it solves the fairness issue for the number of qualifiers for 2021 Worlds, critical since that is the events that determines the 2022 Olympic slots.

Seriously, get over it. The skaters said back in March that they aren't keen on having to Worlds. You're acting like it's such a huge crime. You're willing to risk the healthy of anyone involved? That's sweet. The skaters have accepted it. Why can't you?
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