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Donovan Carrillo has a support/fund raising website it is legit and directly towards helping him to cost trips to competition, skating and coaching

As many know skating in Mexico is a low funding sport, we don't even have a serious skating association who can push the government to fund skaters like Donovan who is a rare gem in our country and he basically has to finance all his travels to compete.

As he is now entering his second season as a senior that is key, be able to compete, better training conditions. He is very loyal to his longtime coach so the coaching switch is not likely to happen unless things change completely and he is given an opportunity outside Mexico.

His website to help him raise money is:

You can donate $50, $250 $500 USD (or put an amount of your desire) that will be charged one time or monthly if you specify. Is processed via paypal.

Hopefully some can contribute. I saw during the 4CC thread people asking about a crowdfunding option for him.

Thank you so much, Gracias!

Admins if this is breaking the rules in someway, sorry, I'll understand if the thread is erased but currently I did not find something about posting this kind of threads about supporting skaters fundraising


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I made a small contribution yesterday when someone posted this link in one of the 4CC threads. What a fun skater!! I hope he is able to raise enough money to keep moving forward towards his goals, whatever they are! :cheer2:

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