Comparisons of Junior Men's World champions' Senior competitive success + Quads evolution


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The below videos are entertaining and informative statistically. I guess the compiler of the first one had a lot of time on their hands recently. ;)

Something to keep in mind is that figure skating competitive events evolved and increased over the years, so it's hard to compare skaters from generation-to-generation on an equal basis. While Yuzu is definitely amazing, almost to an inhuman level, he has certain weaknesses too. But his strengths overcome his weaknesses. A career in skating is also about luck, timing, good coaching and training strategies, and politics. Obviously, some junior world champions didn't do well competitively as seniors for one reason or another. Mostly because figure skating is tough, and the depth of talent has continually increased. Others had bad luck or other challenges, including injuries. For example, one reason Nathan Chen never won Junior Worlds, is because he experienced bad luck at the wrong time, chiefly related to injuries and growing pains. He was talented enough to be a multiple Junior World champion, like Adam Rippon. While, in Adam's case, the quad era and other personal setbacks stunted his competitive success as a senior. Ultimately, Adam's success is not measured by the color or quantity of medals he won. That can be said of all these guys. Were they memorable? (For me, Scott Williams is most definitely memorable, but more-so as a successful and entertaining professional and exhibition skater). Have they been successful in their personal lives? Did they achieve personal goals? Did they learn something worthwhile?

In his generation, Dick Button was the best ever, proven by his two Olympic gold medals. But there was no Junior Worlds competitions held back then. Yuzu was quite lucky in winning his first Olympic gold medal, due to both he and Patrick making mistakes, but Patrick made more mistakes than Yuzu in 2014. In 2018, Yuzu came prepared and skated out-of-this-world. Even if Nathan hadn't tanked in the sp, it seems as if the skating gods were definitely sprinkling Yuzu with fairy dust in 2018. What we don't see is all the hard work and determination that Yuzu put in to be that slam dunk great.

In the first video comparing Junior World champions, the person who put the photos together, needs to correct Todd Eldredge's older age photo posthaste, because that's Paul Wylie! So we get to see Paul's mature visage twice, which isn't a bad thing. :lol:

Examining quads:


Looks like Netflix is gonna be debuting a film on Nathan Chen, Quad King! :love: Here's the trailer:

ETA: ^^ Tee hee, @Sylvia just informed me that the above is a fake trailer. It definitely had me fooled. What a bummer!

Yuzu + Javi = Love

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