Chicago Blackhawks Play 36-year-old Accountant as Emergency Goalie


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Chicago Blackhawks play 36-year-old accountant as emergency goalie

Scott Foster thought it was going to be just another night. Then the 36-year-old accountant signed a contract, put on his goaltender gear and waited in Chicago’s locker room. Then he got into the game....

Foster was pressed into action when Chicago lost Anton Forsberg and Collin Delia to injuries, and the former college goalie stopped all seven shots he faced over the final 14 minutes of the Blackhawks’ 6-2 victory over the playoff-bound Winnipeg Jets on Thursday.
Foster is part of a crew of recreational goaltenders who staff Chicago’s home games in case of emergencies for either team. But it usually just means a nice dinner and a night in the press box watching the world’s best players compete at hockey’s highest level.

Nothing at all like this.

More reason, if any were needed, why you should never, ever quit your night job. ;)

Peaches LaTour

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My dream has always been to suit-up & play for the Notre Dame football team.:D

That, not forthcoming, I want to be buried under the 50 yard line in their stadium. :saint:

So I do understand how thrilled this guy must have been. Good for him.

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