Celebrity Family Feud season 5 features Lipinski vs. Weir & Rippon vs. Terry Bradshaw


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"Tune in to the new, star-studded season of Celebrity Family Feud on Sunday, June 9 (8:00 – 9:00 p.m., EDT), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand." https://www.familyfeud.com/2019/06/03/celebrity-family-feud-is-back/

The 3 figure skater teams competing this summer (episodes were taped back in February; broadcast dates TBA) are:

Terry Bradshaw vs. Adam Rippon

Team Adam Rippon – Olympic figure skater and Dancing with the Stars champion —playing for GLAAD

Brady Rippon – brother
Dagny Rippon – sister
Kelly Rippon – mother
Derrick Leong-Delmore – skating coach

Team Terry Bradshaw – Former NFL player and TV personality — playing for 525 Foundation

Tammy Bradshaw – wife
Rachel Bradshaw – daughter
Lacey Luttrull – daughter
Erin Bradshaw – daughter

Tara Lipinski vs. Johnny Weir

Team Tara Lipinski – Olympic figure skater — playing for Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Eric Callahan – cousin
Lauren “Lori” Callahan – cousin’s wife
John “Jack” Joseph Lipinski – dad
Todd Kapostasy – husband

Team Johnny Weir – two-time Olympic figure skater — playing for ALZ OUT

Patti M. Weir – mother
Brian James Weir – brother
Stacy Marie Weir – sister-in-law
Diane M. Neff – aunt


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Weir vs Lipinski on Family Feud airs July 21st.
I sure am glad it's on my local ABC channel and not NBC because I still have it. Keeping my fingers crossed that DirecTV doesn't remove it, too.


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How did the Lipinski/Weir feud turn out? :lol: Is there any way to find the new episodes and stream it on an online platform?

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