Lipinski/Weir on Jimmy Fallon tonight (5/17); return as hosts for Food Network's Wedding Cake Championship


Wishing I could go back to the Lake Placid JGP
Tara Lipinski shared her excitement on her IG yesterday:
Guys!!! Just finished taping Jimmy Fallon! Tune in tomorrow [Friday] night to see me and my boy @johnnygweir You have no idea how happy this made me! Olympics ✔ Jimmy Fallon ✔
ICYMI, Johnny Weir and his brother Boz squared off against Tara Lipinski and her husband Todd in an episode of "MasterChef Celebrity Family Showdown" that aired on Wednesday, May 15 on FOX ... here are 2 clips:
"Tara Lipinski competes against Johnny Weir and both have to make a seafood dish.":
Shorter clip - Tara cooking with husband Todd and Johnny snarking at him:
Just checked Tara's IG - she and Todd won the challenge:
Three more photos from the show on Tara's IG:
The winners of each Battle earned a $25,000 Donation to a charity of their choice. Tara/Todd's was the Boys & Girls Club and Johnny and his brother played for AlzOut (Alzheimer's organization).

Wedding Cake Championship returns to the Food Network this summer:
It’s wedding season! Wedding Cake Championship will be back on the Food Network this summer. More importantly, the show’s hosts, Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir, will be returning as well. Will this season’s cakes be as exciting as the hosts’ banter and outfits?
Starting on Monday, June 3 at 10 p.m., the fan favorite returns for another season. This season’s judges include “baking extraordinaire Kimberly Bailey, Chopped’s Maneet Chauhan, and Say Yes to the Dress host Randy Fenoli.” Through the four episodes, the baking teams will have to showcase their baking talents.


Wishing I could go back to the Lake Placid JGP
First episode of Season 2 aired tonight with more airings listed here (Saturday, June 8 1 pm / 12c):
Season 2, Episode 1
Puppet Love
Six of America's best baking duos begin their quest for wedding cake domination and the $25,000 prize as hosts Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir hit them with their first challenge: creating a cake topper that showcases a city of love. In the cake round, the bakers must create a dream wedding cake for Andrea and Jered, a couple of professional puppeteers who want a blend of a traditional wedding design for her and a puppet theme for him. The couple chooses their favorite cake to have at their wedding, and expert judges Kimberly Bailey, Maneet Chauhan and Randy Fenoli decide which team is sent home.
Johnny's IG post today (preview video):
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I want Johnny & Tara to host a show on HGTV and invite athletes to show off their homes on their show. OR - Johnny & Tara helps athletes decorate their homes/spaces!

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