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Popping out one lens was exactly what I did.
Mr. BarbK just had his second cataract surgery Monday. He also has severe astigmatism but elected not to try and correct that with a toric lens. Still, he can read books now with no glasses -- something he hasn't been able to do for more than 50 years.

I will note that I did a lot better with his second surgery. After the first surgery, I went back to the recovery room to pick him up and promptly keeled over myself. Blood pressure 75/32 and hooked up to an EKG in about 30 seconds. I should not look for a career in medicine. Our daughter had to come to pick both of us up. :yikes:

This time I waited in the car & they rolled him out and loaded him in. Much, much better.

I do feel a bit like a bug under a microscope. He keeps looking at me. Apparently, the crows feet are more visible now. :rolleyes: He also keeps mentioning colors of various objects around the house. And our new car is -- surprise -- white!

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