Biathlon boss temporarily steps down amid doping cover-up allegations


Recovering from US Nationals
The International Biathlon Union (IBU) announced in a statement published on its website on Thursday that it had provisionally suspended its secretary general, Nicole Resch, while its president, Anders Besseberg (pictured above) had temporarily stepped down.
This came as Austrian prosecutors said they were investigating possible doping, fraud and corruption involving Russian athletes and officials involved in biathlon.
Police had raided the IBU's headquarters in Salzburg on Tuesday following a tip-off that Russian doping cases had been covered up in return for bribes.
Re-posting @taz'smum's post from the Russian news thread in GSD here:
Hajo Seppelt‏ @hajoseppelt

Not many have realized it: Much, much more will come about RUS. It will make massive waves. Shows extend of RUS doping over yrs: 9000 (!) positive screenings of estimated 4500 athletes are under investigation in about 60 IFs/sports bodies. Huge number of sanctions expected

Very strong acusations against IBU: Besseberg and Resch are alleged to have taken payments from Russian authorities in order to cover up positive doping tests ahead of the Sochi Olympics, according to a report from Le Monde

Besseberg stands-down as IBU President as Austrian police allege doping cases covered-up
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