Alexei Mishin's comments about Liza and judging at Skate America


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It must be irritating to see your skater have enormous success one year only to see her supplanted so quickly by skaters mostly from Eteri's group. How much of this is spillover from building frustration?


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I have an impression Mishin never bothered reading the rules. It was true with Pluschenko and his extra jumps that costed him a GPF gold medal and it's kind of true with Tuktamysheva - textbook jumps and... what else is there?
Well, what is he supposed to say in the interview? `My world champion can't spin to save her life and the last time my skater had a decent programme it was Urmanov'?

Oh... such comments are one of the reasons why I left the figure skating forums... So much bias, malice and hate... This sport deserves better.

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