Alexandra Trusova - Interview w/her and her father - Sport-Express

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Alexandra Trusova - Interview w/her and her father - Sport-Express
By Ekaterina Bespalova.

Editorial: A two time Junior World Champion, Alexandra Trusova, told Sport-Express about her meeting with Dzhuba and Cherchesov (Russian footballers), how Tutberidze loves animals, and her electric scooter.

Her fans call her “Rapunzel” for her luxurious long hair, and “Russian Rocket” for her fearless execution of difficult jumps. “Miss Quad Lutz” is what Medvedeva called her. All this is about Alexandra Trusova, a two time Junior World Champion who changed the perception of the level of difficulty to expect from Ladies Figure Skating.

In March 2018 Trusova made the world forget the Zag-Med rivalry, when she became the first woman in history (of FK) to perform two quads in one programme – 4T and 4S. Then in Fall of the past year Alexandra went even further – during September Test Skate she performed in one programme 3 quad jumps, adding to her arsenal 4-lutz. Now this 15-year old is facing her first Senior season, and a chance to fight for the leading spot on the Russian team.

Alexandra is set to be one of the most interesting skaters to watch for the audience who will come to see the Test Skate at “Luzhniki” on September 7-8.
Q: How did (you) Trusova was preparing for this season 2019/20 which is aiming to become one of the craziest in terms of the competition level between women?
T: At the camp in Novogorsk we, as always, intensively worked on all the elements and components of figure skating: quality in technical elements, skating skills, programme presentation. Of course there will be quads and difficult combinations. But at present I will not speak about the programme details, you will soon see them yourselves.

Q: Triple Axel?
T: I was working on it, and will continue to do so.

Q: What are your expectations from the first Senior season?
T: It will become a new level for me, since I am to compete with the world stars of figure skating, and now there will be many more audience in the arena. All this ads a bit more anxiety, but is very exciting. I love this feeling.

Q: How will you evaluate the past season, given you became a JWC for the second time?
T: I will give my self a B-grade (good vs. excellent), because not all was accomplished, I really wanted to land all three quads in the FS.

Q: Which event made you nervous the most?
T: The Junior Worlds, because I wanted to confirm my title.

Q: You always take your little dog with you everywhere. Even Eteri Tutberidze photographed with her at the Junior Championship in Perm. The permanent guest of rink is also Alina’s “Masaru”. Does your coach object to your pets being present at the rink during practices and at competitions?
T: My doggy Tina usually is held by my mother during my skates. At the event in Perm all happened spontaneously, since the doggy is always with me at all events. Eteri Georgievna loves animals, she also has a little doggy which she brings to the rink. Our whole team is made of dog lovers.

(short conversation about Russian football players)

Q: You impressed many in a video where you and Shoma Uno doing a side by side cantilevers…
T: The idea came to us back in Japan, during GP-2017. Shoma and I tried it during practice for the exhibitions. We both had it in our programmes and then decided to do it together. And in Novogorsk we just tried to repeat it.

Q: In the past summer you participated in many ice shows and unusual TV programmes in Japan, and were given many gifts. Which one impressed you the most?
T: I can’t single out just one. I love to open the gifts, to read the letters. It is a long and special ritual for me. I now have a collection of dolls and dogs in replicas of my costumes. When I think about the aspect that a person made it specially just for me, it is very touching.

It is so very pleasant to skate in Japan, in competitions and shows. They really love figure skating. Participation in those shows and on TV became for me a new experience, plus it gave an opportunity to meet many famous skaters from all over the world. In one of the TV shows I tried running in skate-guards on the carpet, and learned that it can be done even faster than on the ice.

Q: In your social media account you posted a photo with legendary Miki Ando…
T: She was there on all shows and rehearsals. I could not miss a chance not to take a photo with her.

Q: That electric scooter, which you originally bought as a gift to your father, you still ride it?
T: That scooter was always mine from the start, I ride it from home to the practice

Questions to Alexandra’s father, Vicheslav Trusov.

Q: And yet, no matter how brave a 15-year old Alexandra speaks about the quad jumps, one can’t avoid thinking of the following questions: how is her life off the ice? How she vacations? How regroups/rests so that time after time she can return to ice and challenge the new heights..
You said in one of the interviews that you and your wife made sure that your children learn to work hard. Did you do it?
VT: Sport teaches a child to work hard, and that’s why put Sasha into figure skating, without thinking of any top results. We just wanted her to be a healthy hard-working child, and that was the main idea in putting her into public sport.

Q: How did your daughter ended up in Eteri Tutberidze’s group?
T: For quite sometime now, Eteri Georgievna is top world level coach, and many want to join her group. We were skating in the same rink, and there was an uncertainty with Sasha’s former coach, Alexandre Volkov, and we had to part. We addressed it to the rink’s management, then we met with Tutberidze and she agreed to take Sasha into her group. There were no issues, everybody knew Sasha well at the rink.

Q: Obviously, that in order to accomplish Sasha’s kind of results it is necessary to have intensive training and a hard-core discipline. As a parent at home are you harsh with her often?
VT: As to how harsh we are it’s best to ask Sasha. But we, as any parents, rather try to spoil her, and anyone who is interested need not to worry – our daughter had a marvelous childhood, and her upcoming teenage years are set to be very exciting.

About Sasha’s success? She has not yet had “that much success”, she has a lot to aim for in the future, and that stimulates her to continue to work hard. Of course (external) discipline is important, and yet any athlete or a professional must know how to discipline him self. And that’s what, we as parents, trying to convey to Sasha – you can never stop at your current accomplishments, in life there is always something to aim for.

Q: Earlier you said that you never watch your daughter’s skate live. Do you watch the videos after?
VT: yes, I watch the videos, but to pick a favorite one would be tough. She skates at the events 10-12 times a season. In my memory there are only few most important ones, and of course her very first one, when she was 5 years old.

Q: How do you plan a vacation for your daughter?
VT: Me and my wife intend to spoil our children, like all parents. Therefore, when Sasha has time off, we travel a lot. We must have visited every attraction in the world, it is too bad we only have 3 weeks per year.

Q: And what does Sasha requires during weekdays to fully rest/regain?
VT: To fully rest/regain an athlete must first of all be in good health. On the level of the Russian National Team and in “Sambo-70” the system is well developed, there is a whole crew of medical professionals, masseurs, who monitor athletes’ conditions on daily basis. But psychological regrouping is also important, and that’s were it is important not just stick to sports. Sasha goes off to have fun with her brothers, studies her schoolwork during weekdays, and it prevents her from falling into a psychological pit.

Q: Do you read what fans say about Sasha?
VT: I don’t use social media at all, but on some other resources I see comments sometimes.

Q: Does Sasha handles her own social media?
VT: Instagram she handles on her own. But she is only allowed to post official stuff and tries not to read comments, especially during the competition season. She already went through that stage, because certainly it can really hurt the work process.

Q: Do you remember when she did her first quad?
VT: I very rarely come to the rink, this question is for my wife, since she is the one in charge of Sasha.

Q: How does Sasha handle difficulties, which occasionally happen even with talents like her?
VT: We support Sasha on any occasion, because it’s important to handle difficulties correctly. And my daughter I think knows how to, since life consists not only of success. A failure is always a good beginning for the next success.

Q: Is there anything that fans and specialists can never guess about Sasha?
VT: Hard to say, but probably that Sasha is only human, like everybody else.



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