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    Dancing with the Stars Season 28

    I taped it as it conflicted with the finale of SYTYCD (very good, I thought). Saw it today and it wasn't as bad as I expected. Quality of dance was a bit of a shock after the other show! I know; I will adjust. Van der Beek shows promise. I liked Office woman for her humour, Mary Wilson for...
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    Learning of lutz: why so hard for even the BEST?!?

    Lovely moment in my doctor's office last year: Doctor: "Did I ever tell you about the time Donald Jackson tried to teach me how to do a lutz? I just could not do it."
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    Gilles and Poirier Cheer Thread

    I like both their programs. I'm sure they will grow throughout the season. I notice improvement in Piper's flow, in particular. Early days, people!
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    Kévin Aymoz fan thread

    Aymoz = breath of fresh air! Love both his programs!
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    Canadian Ice Dance 2019/2020 season: News and Updates

    Thank you for all of the above! This season is starting out beautifully!
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    What did Weaver & Poje lack

    Sometimes I think they were just too subtle for the judges. Several of us have seen them at SOI and all thought that it was criminal that they never were world champs.
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    Ashley Wagner reveals she was assaulted by John Coughlin

    I applaud you for facing this situation with wisdom and maturity! Your children will know that they are learning and growing in an environment where they are protected and guided by you. You are also showing other parents how to monitor things. You are reinforcing to the coaches and the...
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    Ashley Wagner reveals she was assaulted by John Coughlin

    Good to hear from Pdilemma about what is specifically being taught. If I had a child in skating, I would grill the coach and team about the teaching environment and how much supervision my child would be getting. Also I would be testing to see what messages were being sent to the students, how...
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    CBC Revives Battle of the Blades Skating Show!

    I am thrilled to have BOTB back! I went to several shows live over the 4 seasons and enjoyed them immensely. Doyle's article is knee-jerk nasty. He trashes CBC for doing things wrong yet does not offer any specific solutions or program ideas. Take it with a grain of salt. Ignore him and...
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    Dominican Republic

    We went last Nov. to a resort where several died (Bahia Principe Bouganville). It was one of the cleanest places I've ever been in. Sidewalks were scrubbed several times daily, maids always in the halls and groundskeepers everywhere. I suspect overuse of pesticides, some close to...
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    Coughlin's Former Pairs Partner Alleges He Abused Her

    Time for a shout out to Prancer for steering this thread in a logical, balanced, rational direction. Thank you!
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    Stars on Ice Canada tour, April 26-May 16, 2019

    Huh? Why appalled? I went to one in TO years ago and it was fun! Skaters signed autographs, exchanged a few lines of niceties and posed for a photo before moving on to the next. Most fun was watching little girls in their skating costumes showing off for the skaters (who were absolutely...
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    World of Dance - S3

    I didn't see that. ^^^ Don't dwell on the negative. I agree with the order of the night. I adore The Kings and I want to see them again. If they did a tour, I'd go! It was so nice to see performers from last year. I do love this show even if we are seeing a little too much of the judges...
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    Stars on Ice Canada tour, April 26-May 16, 2019

    Yes he was and he did himself proud. At the end he looked a little puzzled as if he forgot to bow to one of the four sides. He is such a teen! He did enjoy it all though, grinning at the finale. Imagine being in this show for the first time. Wow!
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    Stars on Ice Canada tour, April 26-May 16, 2019

    Saw the Toronto show and loved it! The infusion of the newbies has been a great idea! Nam is loving every second of this and Piper and Paul are fabulous additions. Wea/Po did some fun sassy stuff and it is such a refreshing change from the serious intense competition programs. Kurt is SO...