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    Dancing with the Stars, Season 29

    I'm not sure the show will even be back next season; it was underwhelming. But if it is, get Tom and Len back and Sharna please get your hair red again!
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    Battle of the Blades is returning to CBC this Fall!

    You are a treasure!
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    Battle of the Blades is returning to CBC this Fall!

    It has been an odd season but I do applaud Bezic and all for trying to shake things up. Love the judges and I want to see Balde skate a number. Kurt is underused. Keisha seems to be trying to channel Tyra Banks and I wish she would stop yelling. The eliminations have been puzzling. I want...
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    Blades for the Brave benefit for healthcare workers, April 17, 8pm ET - ALL STAR CAST

    My Podium: Kurt, Yagudin, Elvis Most moving bit: Gracie's mother speaking from her heart. What a courageous woman!
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    Paul: Those FSUers most certainly have their knickers in a twist!
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    This thread has been thoroughly entertaining!
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    The aftermath of DG's resignation - what next for the FFSG?

    I've never heard of him. Not surprised though. Every time I hear one of these stories, after feeling angry, I am so glad they're coming to the surface. The more, the better and hopefully people will get sick of hearing it over and over and actually do something about it.
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    Which of These American TV Commentators Do You Like?

    Toller Cranston was always funny and controversial.
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    Well, isn't this setting the cat among the pigeons! The audience very much appreciating this performance! I think I have to go watch Downton Abbey.
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    I was so grateful to find skating anywhere, I didn't care who was talking! Pretty quickly, I found him harmless and quite bland so I just tuned him out. I always liked the Eurosport guys though. With Tracy and Rod, I listen to Tracy and wait for Rod to calm down. Johnny and Tara - Johnny has...
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    Brian Boitano Undercover at US Nationals

    WOW! This is really worth watching! Brilliant! And I usually dislike fluff pieces.
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    Downtown Jason Brown - Let the Good Times Roll (uber thread #2)

    THANK YOU!!!!! You have managed to save my night! He was the only one I really wanted to see badly. What would we do without helpful FSUers.
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    Reviews for 'Spinning Out' (Netflix's Figure Skating Drama) - who's watching?

    I agree with Doyle's comments. What has always puzzled me though, is the same movie gets made over and over again - kind of like those romantic Christmas movies. I was glad for Blades of Glory and I,Tonya because they were different. I guess movie makers feel they will go with the easy...
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    Mad for Skating blog

    Well said. And needed to be said.
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    Cipres accused of sexual misconduct

    So glad you brought this to our attention. This article is excellent.
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