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    Olympic medalists who have coached students to Olympic medals

    Alexandr Zhulin in dance,Oleg Vasiliev in pairs. I think the late Lyudmila Pakhomova coached Moiseeva|Minenkov in 1980 too.
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    From Russia With Love [#37]: Summer 2020

    I think they will keep the stream up like they did for juniors. At least I hope they do it.
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    Stockholm Worlds 2021 Update

    Things have slightly changed, basically they are changing all the time, now they are testing and until the results come out they should know where you are. After that you are free to go to your destination cause otherwise it would be impossible for people to go on their vacation. Of course there...
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    From Russia With Love (#36) Spring into Summer 2020

    I hope he's just referring to the skating and training process and not how a woman should behave generally
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    From Russia With Love (#36) Spring into Summer 2020

    Zhulin is a lot of things but he's not stupid.He made a lot of mistakes in his skating career, he could have won everything he wanted. I don't agree with his coaching techniques at times, or the material he gives his students,and S/K are far from my favourite ice dancers but I can't unsee that...
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    From Russia With Love (#36) Spring into Summer 2020

    I'm not a Trankov fan at all but he has the right not to like Stolbova as she has the right not to like him.A lot of people don't like either anyway. It's not that they're hiding it either. I prefer them to some skaters who use their entourage to spread their opinions about others while they act...
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    From Russia With Love (#36) Spring into Summer 2020

    I think it's a bit less dangerous than opening the rinks and having the skaters train with the other skaters from the group not knowing where they have been before etc. But still even this solution poses a risk to the older coaches, I guess they will probably have to stay home and send the...
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    From Russia With Love (#36) Spring into Summer 2020

    This is something that happens a lot in sports and dance too. Some coaches look at the mother to see how the daughter will look like in 10-20 years time. Half of the times it's a waste of time.I look like my father, not my mother. My mother is a pear, I'm all lilmbs, when my mother tried to...
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    ISU to evaluate feasibility of 2020-21 skating season

    I think that a traditional GP season as we know it is probably not going to happen cause if one event is cancelled then what happens with the ranking, but maybe the local GP events can take place as local competitions. I don't know if there will be the possibility to have international judges...
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    Papadakis/Cizeron #9 - People Will See Them And Cry

    Gabi is not a bad vocalist at all, hat off to her
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    Interview with Elena Ilinykh

    Maybe she's not really that different than he is. I can say I admire Polunin for his raw talent, but not for the way he treats his own talent.She gives me the impression of the wandering artist kind of person too, easily bored, with a lot of ideas which she doesn't always put into practice...
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    Soucisse & Firus Cheer Thread!

    I think there is a big chance that Carol Lane will help them create what they are missing,a unique personality as a team. I see them as character dancers, it's going to be very interesting to see how everything unfolds.
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    From Russia With Love (#36) Spring into Summer 2020

    It was actually picked up by a Qatar-tribune as well, as a matter of fact it was the only version in English. They actually still have the story up while all the others corrected. I didn't know figure skating was popular in Qatar in any way.
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    The Dance Hall 7: Tripping the Light Fantastic 2019-2020

    If skaters start training in July , hosting Worlds in October is theoretically possible.I somehow don't see the GP happening in its usual form.It will be practically impossible to hop on a plane and do side by side events under travel restrictions if these are still applicable by then.Maybe they...
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    Vaytsekhovskaya's interview with Vasiliev

    If he's indeed positive even going to the grocery store could pose a danger to others.If he really tested negative at least twice then he should be allowed to go out unless they don't trust the tests.
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