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    Worlds 2019 Ladies FS - Hysteria Eunsoos

    Bradie has had two stress fractures in her back vertebrae, one in 2015 and another in 2016. She may not be flexible in her back.
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    Internet & TV Broadcast

    I had to use Microsoft Edge to get NBC Sports Gold to play on my laptop. It plays on my iPhone just fine. I also had to do something with my Adobe Flash player, which I could do on Microsoft Edge. @insideedgeua @Barbara Manatee
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    2019 4CC Ladies FS - Hakuna Splattata

    I find Bell to have the most monotonous music for her free program; no highs or lows, just kind of blah. And her skating costumes make her look blocky in the torso.
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    2019 US Nats Sr Pairs SP - who Wants to be Fired By Savchenko

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    2018, 51st Golden Spin of Zagreb, Dec 5-8, Zagreb, CRO

    Jason Brown is going to Croatia per his Instagram. Gee I wonder what's in Croatia? :confused:
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    2018 Autumn Classic - Ladies FS

    I'm not sure Denney will ever recover from her ACL/meniscus tears. :wuzrobbed
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    Phil Hersh on the end of Ice Network (which shuts down for good on Saturday the 30th)

    I am watching the content without too much trouble. I logged in using my email and password (that I had set up a day or so ago) and clicked on figure skating near the top right of the screen; then the next row down to the left I clicked on full event replays and a list of last years competitions...
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    Phil Hersh on the end of Ice Network (which shuts down for good on Saturday the 30th)

    There's an updated app on my phone from 2 days ago, saying that is preparing for the launch of revamped US Figureskating Fan Zone and launch of NBC Sports Gold. And the site is still up even though its 07/04/18 today.
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    UPDATED: Jason Brown to Brian Orser (official)

    I think that is a 2A not a triple.
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    Final update on my husband

    So sorry for your loss @judiz . Sending prayers to you and your family.
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    Joshua Farris: Not Allergic To Gold - the Uber thread!

    Unfortunately brain injuries can lead to CTE. I hope Josh takes good care of himself and if he has any continuing symptoms, I hope he retires for his own well being.
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    Pokemon Go part 2

    Well for the Zapdos, you are supposed to alternate nanab berries and golden razz berries to catch them. I'm 5 for 8 catching Zapdos, but I was 4 for 17 catching Moltres. :blah: I have been practicing curveballs, also. I joined the local Pokemon FB group and they added me to the messenger chat...
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    U.S. Pairs 2017 - News & Updates, Part VII

    So Tarah has a cadaver tendon in her knee. Okaaay. Wish she had had the surgery before she needed tendon replacement. Hoping for the best for K/O
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    Congrats to new mom Zenyatta

    More pictures. Baby's very pretty.
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    Congrats to new mom Zenyatta

    So there's this: