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    The 2019 Westminster Dog Show Thread

    Dachshund wuzrobbed!
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    Olympic Channel Figure Skating Galore

    Dick- "He's bamboozling us with his hands"
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    Love, Balls and Courting: Tennis V

    Yes it's People's Sunday! Don't miss it Rottie.
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    DWTS Season 22 3-21-2016

    Erin should've saved this look for next season's Halloween night.
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    DWTS Season 22 3-21-2016

    I had a feeling Geraldo would be bad, even though he looks quite fit for a 72 year old. Then he said in a radio interview yesterday that he cannot feel his right foot at all due to back surgery, so I knew he would be bad. So sad for Edyta to return from a long hiatus, only to be the first...
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    Downton Abbey Season 6 - PBS broadcast

    Mrs Drewe does know Marigold is Edith's daughter. Edith showed her the birth certificate when she took her from the farm; Mrs Drewe tore it up.
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    DWTS Season 21 cast rumors....anyone?

    Aw, Bindi Sue. So she will get Mark? I would like to see what a male tennis player can do, since Monica and Martina were both so.....disappointing.
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    Tokyo 2020 Emblem Unveiled

    Olives? Nagano is my favorite. The enameled medals were beautiful too.
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    Genealogy research

    My German 2nd great grandfather is listed as Ludwig on his US naturalization record, then as Louis on later censuses. Actually in 1870 his name is spelled "Loueza", while his son is listed as Louis Jr. Go figure. Louis Jr became Lewis on later records.
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