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  • Awesome!!! :) I'm bringing my Vancouver Olympics Mittens! Can't really picture a skating events without them now! ;)
    thanks for the reputation! I finally found out how to post messages here so I can thank you for it ;)
    Hi Allison! Thanks for the rep! Seems like I'm going to be defending Chan like I did S&P. Hey as usual they aren't showing the Exhibition from Worlds here. Are they showing it in Canada? If so I'd love to get a DVD from you. I'd be happy to copy anything they want in return. Also if there are any Canadian specials about Patrick Chan, I'd love to have a copy if they do any. Hope all is well. This Worlds was sure a roller coaster!!! -Ann (if you still have my email feel free to email me...I changed computers and am missing yours.)
    This is such good news. Can I post it "out there" that I got it from a reliable source?

    Also just wanted to say how much I enjoy all your blogs :swoon:
    Hi Alilou! Just wanted to let you know that as far as I know - and I don't think it will change - as long as Worlds finds a home - Bold will be covering all of the skating....thanks again for all of your support :) Cheers, Pj
    Thanks! I'm glad K/A have some supporters here! I am crossing my fingers for their success this season!!
    Thanks a lot for the nice comments. :) I finally posted all the Worlds reports, better late than never I guess. :shuffle:
    Hi Alilou...Thanks for the nice shout out...:) I am Pj Kwong and I am tickled to be on FSU with y'all...even though I am really slow at figuring it all out!! Wish me luck...I am an old dog learning a new trick ...YIKES! I am also thrilled about going back to BOLD at Skate Canada...allthough I think the plan is to try and continue to integrate the technology trying to wrap my brain around NHK coverage for tomorrow! Thanks for the nice note! Cheers, Pj

    Yes me too, i didn't know about some recent days but I did not know also that you can have a little bit of chat like this messages

    I do too, all the skating knowledge i have thus far is mostly thanks to FSU, where i have met many cool and wonderful people not just in the forum but also in person when i attended the 2008 and 2009 World Championships.

    We'll see about this season that is ready to begin

    Greetings from Mexico!
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