Worlds 2019 Top 5 Ladies

Who will make top 5?

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A lot of things will be done in the SP. Because Zagitova can skate a perfect SP, that Bradie Tennell or Satoko Miyahara have very good SP (choreographically), and that Rika Kihira has often made mistakes this season.
So, after the SP, Rika Kihira can be only in 8th place, which will be more difficult in the LP.


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Yeah, basically I think that Kihira is more likely to miss than Miyahara and as such to not place in the top 3. However, with that said, I think that Satoko has very little chance of winning the event, if that makes sense...
Yeah I can see that. I do not personally even agree on Satoko being the most likely of the 3 Japanese to medal, honestly right now I think she is the last likely of the 3, but I do agree she is the least likely of the 3 Japanese to win. I said this in another thread, I can only see Satoko winning gold in a splatfest (and I like her, dont get me wrong). The thing is I can see how she is sort of the least likely Japanese to mess up, but in another sense not so much as even her good skates lately have numerous underrotation and edge calls so arent really clean skates, and she still winds up giving a fair number of points.

I do think you are underestimating Medvedeva personally. If she skates even reasonably well, I honestly do not see anyone but an in form Kihira beating her, considering I can not see Zagitova skating well at all. And after her skates at the Russian Cup I fully expect her to skate reasonably well at worlds.
I'd love to see Tursynbaeva land the quad and win a medal at Worlds. That quad at Universiade was close! Also, she's looking fast lately and her programs are nice and complex. She's my dark horse for the podium. I'd also love to see Alina and Rika both skate a clean short and a clean free. If all that happens, that's my podium: 1) Rika 2) Alina 3) Elizabet (or maybe Alina 3rd and Elizabet 2nd). As to what will actually happen, last year's Worlds was a total surprise for me in both the men's and the women's -- soooo slippery! It was a great watch, heartbreaking, exciting. I wonder if the judges will comparatively 'drop' Samodurova now that Medvedeva seems back on the rise? I love Miahara's exquisite artistry but I think her real victory this year was getting to Worlds at all. In an age of +5 -5 GOE, would it even be fair for her to outscore ladies with bigger, better jumps? I also wonder if Eunsoo Lim will skate up to her potential. I think Kaori could make the top 5, and Eunsoo is my "other" pick. Raf said that part of Eunsoo's inconsistency in the Grand Prix series was due to getting her skates sharpened at an inopportune time, and he was so crabby about it that I don't think it's just an excuse. Maybe she will be one of this year's surprises...


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I know this is really hater-ish and not supportive of my country but if Bradie ends up on the podium skating like she has...ever...I feel like skating has no depth. She is so ordinary. It still baffles me that she is our top senior and there is no one better. It is like watching a piece of cardboard hold things . cardboard is amazing holding all my things in a box but it is also boring looking at it. Maybe it is the medieval times hair style. IDK.
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I had a feeling I was going to regret calling it a medieval bun. Anyways I love her and she rocks and she has the best combination of any eligible senior American woman at the moment so she needs to go out there and slay as I know she will.

Her short program is very interesting and intricate. I love it. The free skate is not my favorite although I have not cared for a Romeo and Juliet program since Kristi as a pro circa 1994.

My general rule of thumb in leave all war horses in the vault. You are better than that.


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