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Wordle 461 3/6



ETA: I guess I don’t feel so bad breaking my streak last Friday with the word β€˜parer’. WORDLW WEEKLY RECAP

Editor’s Note: It wasn’t just you. Friday’s Wordle was the hardest in a while, with only 41 percent of users able to solve compared with the normal 99 percent. We’re learning a lot about how people solve Wordle, and we’ll use that information the next time we take a look at the solutions list.​
In the meantime, here’s a short explanation on how we use failures in the average guesses data: Not every X/6 is treated the same way! When a player doesn’t get the answer in six turns, WordleBot estimates how many more turns it would take to solve the puzzle based on how many potential solutions remain. So if there’s one possible solution, the player’s score would be seven. If there’s more than one, then the score goes up accordingly. You can find more information in the WordleBot 2.0 announcement.​
Hardest word: PARER, from Friday, Sept. 16.​
Average guesses: 6.32, with 3.81 percent solving in three or fewer.​

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