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Just got back from the Body Armor State Games of North Carolina. It was at the Invisalign Arena in Morrisville where I usually skate, so there was no excuse not to compete! There were fewer than 10 adult skaters competing, but Eastern sectionals is going on too. I didn't feel great going into this competition & woke up feeling a bit sick yesterday. On warm up, things were OK but my lutz & flip loop aren't as reliable anymore. During the competition, I felt like my toes were frozen & botched the landings on a few jumps & fell on something toward the end. It was kind of a downer that we were scheduled early on a Sunday morning, so I didn't bother telling relatives/friends to come watch. Even though it was the worst I'd ever skated, as the only silver competitor, I got a beautiful gold medal. :D One of the skaters from Indian Trail told me that adult sectionals will be at her rink next year, so I might go. All in all, it was a nice, well-run competition.

Hope everyone who competed at Easterns this weekend had a great time!

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