Revisiting Finding Emma 8 Years Later


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I originally wrote this message six years ago, and in a couple weeks it will be eight years since Emma Fillipoff disappeared.
Emma Fillipoff is a young woman who grew up in the same community that I live in. Her mom, Shelley, was one of my French teachers in elementary school and I was a counselor at a local day camp when I was a teen that was attended by the Fillipof children though I don't have specific memory of Emma. Two years ago she was living in Victoria and was seen at a convenience store and by an acquaintance on the street and then never again. I have had several instances in my live of being connected to the personal and public tragedies of others and this one feels very personal because of my connection, however fleeting, with the family. Her story was highlighted on the CBC's Fifth Estate yesterday and I felt the need to spread this information - it seems unlikely that anyone on this site would no anything about Emma but it seems like its worth a shot for the sake of her friends, her family, and her mother.
Local Coverage & Interview with Emma's mother Shelley

Updated YouTube link for the Fifth Estate:

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