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I'll just rate one performance for Midori Ito, her 1988 Olympics LP. 9.75/10

This entire free skate was such an inspirational display of skating virtuosity. Her jumps and spins were amazing and the way she links and interconnects all of her skills was just incredible. Couple that with her speed, power, charm, and joy, it made for an incredible viewing. I remember watching it live and being thrilled by it and it still wows me to this day on many levels.


I'll just rate one performance for Midori Ito, her 1988 Olympics LP. 9.75/10

This entire free skate was such an inspirational display of skating virtuosity. Her jumps and spins were amazing and the way she links and interconnects all of her skills was just incredible. Couple that with her speed, power, charm, and joy, it made for an incredible viewing. I remember watching it live and being thrilled by it and it still wows me to this day on many levels.


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I like this idea! Don't know if I saw the original thread but I'll do Khokhlova's FDs. My reviews are going to be very succinct and non-technical.

03-04 Polovtsian Dances - Never seen it, and it's not on youtube.

04-05 Pirates of the Caribbean - Great acrobatics and Jana has amazingly tragic hair. B+

05-06 Flamenco Bolero - Hot'n'trashy B+

06-07 Aranjuez Mon Amor - Great opening and intense (ab)use of illusion fabric, but overall doesn't stand out. B-

07-08 Night on Bald Mountain/In the Hall of the Mountain King - Three words: iconic bicycle kick. A+

08-09 Paganini - Someone (not on FSU) said this was a parody of ice dance. If that's true, I give it a strong B+ (otherwise it would be slightly lower).

09-10 Meadowlands - They ditched this one for a reason. C

09-10 Firebird - I appreciate elements of it but it's not great. B-


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Oh, why not.

Max Aaron

SP - Tron: Legacy
Grade: A
Quirky and different, with clever choreography to make use of the techno-style music. High power, high energy and a lot of fun. Not hard to see why this had a mini-viral moment on tumblr and is generally considered the quintessential Max program.

FS - West Side Story
Grade: A
Charming, generally high-energy, and extremely well laid out to take advantage of his stamina and jumping prowess (2-6 layout) including the absolute triumph of the 3Lo in the last second of the program. Possibly Max's best "character" program.

SP - Historia de un Amor
Grade: A+
Appallingly underrated, this was an incredible step up for the Olympic season. More intricate choreography, well-designed footwork that encouraged crowd engagement, and overall, a superb SP that deserved a lot better. He's worked hard on his presentation and it shows here.

FS - Carmen
Grade: C-
Lori Nichol. Lori Nichol. We need to have words here. When Max first mentioned he would skate to Carmen, his whole face was lit up with excitement as he talked about how much he loved the music of Carmen and wanted to skate to the lesser-used parts. What he ended up with was a lazy cut-and-paste recycle of the program she'd done for Lysacek some years before. It put him on the back foot from the outset.

SP - Footloose
Grade: D-
After a season of being screamed at by officials/fans/press that he needed to skate to music that they thought suited him, rather than what he liked, Max gave in and this was chosen. On paper, it should have worked. In reality? Max hated the music, the cut sounded like it was done by a two year old on sugar, and this was a rare Pillay miss in terms of choreography. That the program was continuously tinkered with all season didn't help and the switch-out at Nationals for the "modern" cover sealed its fate as his worst short program ever.

FS - Gladiator
Grade: B-
This was a solid program with a lot of good moments (the circular-shaped step sequence is particularly excellent). A bit of a misstep with the inclusion of dialogue (an obscure line from the movie at that - I still think he'd have done better to have "are you not entertained?!" right before his ChSq). Solid 3-5 layout to put his gorgeous 3As in the bonus zone and overall a good program. His hair, which was all over the place this season, and an interview in which he mentioned that USFS didn't like how "big" he was, gave glimpses into his state of mind post-Olympics.

SP - Nessun Dorma
Grade: A
After wandering rather lost through the post-Olympic season, Max showed up ready to prove he was a factor, and shocked everyone with his lovely interpretation of Nessun Dorma. His skating skills showed definite improvement, the choreography was nicely matched to the music, and suddenly, he was back in the equation.

FS 1 - Black Swan (Max cut) - no video now available
Grade: A+
If Nessun Dorma had shocked people at WTT, the first version of Black Swan had everyone gasping. Much more intensely choreographed than anything he'd had before, perfectly timed with the music, and a brilliant ChSq ending that would have had crowds on their feet, the first version of this program was a brilliant upgrade. And then...

FS 2 - Black Swan (Mills cut)
Grade: B+
Oh, Mr Mills. Literally nobody except you cared that the first music cut wasn't in chronological order. Imagine the shock of Max fans when, three weeks after Max had skated the Max cut at Nebelhorn, he showed up at Skate America with this. The program had been gutted, reassembled, and never fully recovered, though it was still a very good program that should have sealed Max's second National title.

SP 1 - Nessun Dorma
Grade: A
Unusually for him, Max repeated the previous season's SP for the first half of the season.

SP 2 - The Bullfighter (practice video)
Grade: A+
I will forever grieve that we only ever saw this program in competition once, because it was his best SP ever. Sharp, intense choreography that went perfectly with the music and that Max was clearly fully invested in, with powerful projection. This was also the season he really focused on his spins and it shows.

FS - The Lion King
Grade: B+
So, I know everyone hated this. But when I went back and watched it I'd forgotten how much I actually liked it. He's clearly enjoying himself, which always helps. This program did have Max's brush with contemporary/modern dance in the middle and I do think that was an error (during the "He Lives In You" sequence). The techno step sequence was actually loads of fun and when he got going it pulled the crowd in, too. I even liked the original costume.

SP - Les Miserables
Grade: A+
Yes, yes, we all groaned a bit when we realised Max was going for a two-for-one warhorse deal. But this was an exceptional SP that, unusually for Max, had the step sequence as its centrepiece. As the season drew on and it became more obvious that it would be his last, the triumphant crescendo of One Day More became even more meaningful and the program's emotional impact grew.

FS - Phantom of the Opera
Grade: A+
A very nice program for his final season that kept moving the whole time, wove the jumps in beautifully with the music (that 3A-2T that lands perfectly on the beat just kills me every time), with smoothly executed changes in tempo and, at his best, the perfect layout for three quads to raise the bar showed that he was choosing to go out, rather than being forced out or dropping out. The Worlds version, where he powered through stronger and stronger as the program went on, was an absolute showcase of everything great about his skating.

You all would probably score him differently but he usually had pretty solid programs with only a couple of really bad howlers. I'll do Jason next.


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Easy Peasy

Angela Nikodinov

SP: A-
Free: A-


Free: The Mummy (her one time get out of jail free card) C-

ENTER: Elena Trychkskaya (spelling?) Im day drinking.

00 -01
SP: A++++++
Free: A+

SP: A++++++++++++++++(Goddess like)
Free: A+

SP: A++++++++++
Free: A+

SP: A+
Free: A

SP: A come back in a way. Moonlight Sonata, a win at Skate America. Good enough for me. A+
Free: A

The Portland Incident.


My Shrine goes up.
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@AngieNikodinovLove this has nothing to do with your post, but I know you're a Real Housewives fan. I don't watch those shows, but I'm familiar with the RHOBH Amsterdam fight and I just discovered this take on it, which made me laugh until I cried.

Back to rankings:

Larry Loupolover 2019-20 SP A
Loupolover 2019-20 FP B-

OMG Im a Housewives UBER! I just DM'ed Lisa Rinna (again!) last night because Jackie Cox did her on RuPauls Drag Race for Snatch Game!!!!


(Go Crystal Method!!!)

SIDE NOTE FOR AMSTERDAM FIGHT! It happened at the De L'Europe hotel right on the canal. I stay at a hotel across that canal.... The De L'Europe IMO is the most expensive hotel in Amsterdam!!!


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@AngieNikodinovLove this has nothing to do with your post, but I know you're a Real Housewives fan. I don't watch those shows, but I'm familiar with the RHOBH Amsterdam fight and I just discovered this take on it, which made me laugh until I cried.

Back to rankings:

Larry Loupolover 2019-20 SP A
Loupolover 2019-20 FP B-

The sound of the plastic cup hitting instead of the glass is PRICELESS!!!!!!! LOLLLLLL


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This is a tough one. I can’t be as detailed as many posters here.

Berezhnaya Sikharulidze (1997-2002)

Their two best SPs: 1998 European and 2002 Olympics
Their two best LPs: 1998 GPF and 2001 COR

1997 worlds SP - A-Elena had recovered from the accident and she looked very happy, skating with Anton. Their potential was obvious.
1997 worlds LP - D- (4 falls)

1997 TL- A ( first GP Win; amazing speed)
1997 NHK B plus

1998 GPF SP - A, LP - A (this made them the OGM favorites)

1998 European SP- A plus (they got a 6.0 for presentation)LP A-

1998 Olympics SP- B
1998 Olympics LP - B -

1998 Goodwill games- SP -A, LP B plus

1998 worlds SP- A-
1998 worlds LP- B

1999 SA- C
1999 SC- SP - C-, LP A-
1999 GPF - D - ( probably their worst performance ever)

1999 worlds SP- A
1999 worlds LP- A-

2000 European SP- B plus, LP A-
(They we’re disqualified due to Elena’s failed test for her cold medicine, so the Euro medals were taken away)

2000 worlds N/A

2000 TL - B plus. TheirCitylights LP was new, humorous and creative. A deviation from their usual classical style.

2001 European LP - A

2001 GPF - SP -A, LP 1 A-, LP2- A-

2001 worlds SP A plus
2001 worlds LP A- well skated but a minor flaw on split 3 twist.

2001 Goodwill Games SP A plus, LP A. They debuted their new SP Lady Caliph. It was lovely. LP was skated to Citylight.

2001 TL (?) SP- A plus, LP- A- or B plus

2001 COR SP- D (falls on sbs jumps and throw 3R)
LP A plus (their best LP ever, got a 6.0)

2002 GPF - SP - A, LP B-

2002 Olympics SP A plus (best ever SP?)
2002 Olympics LP A- (oneminir mistake on sbs 2A)
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Now that I am done with B&S, I will try G&G.

1986 and 1987 - I barely remember the videos but they were very good. They won both worlds.

1988 Olympics SP A, LP A plus (perfection!)
1988 worlds LP B plus (fall on a throw)

1989 worlds SP A, LP A plus (coming off a major injury to Katie, they skated perfectly)

1990 worlds SP A, LP B minus or C plus (mistakes on sbs 3t and sbs jump sequence. Controversial win). They turned pro after this.

1994 - Return to eligible skating
SC - LP A minus
European LP A (their best Moonlight Sonata)

Olympics SP A- (missed unison on sbs spins),
LP A -(even with two minor mistakes on jumps by Sergei, this was a magical performance). I had to give it A- I stead of A because of the two minor flaws.

Their pro routines were mostly 10.0s in my book (couple of exceptions).


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I must add M&D, as I consider them among the top three ever pairs.

1989 SA- I first saw them skating their exhibitions. They were exceptional. Natalia’s incredible flexibility created unusual moves in Rachmaninov (part of their LP) and a very different number.
I had not seen them in competition yet.

1990 worlds- SP - I only saw a fraction but they were challenging G&G in th SP. LP B plus. One small mistake on a lift but I think they should have won. The real problem was the choice of music. The humorous theme didn’t suit them.

1991 Worlds - The best performance of Liebestraum. Magical. Like a dream. Natalia’s flexibility and Artur’s Strength made them a unique pair. This program made them a legend in pairs skating.

1992 Olympics -SP A -, LP A - ( two mistakes but still magical). Standing ovation. Ethereal costumes and creative program.

1992 worlds LP A- Not perfect but they were born to skate to Liebestraum.

1994 Olympics SP A, LP A plus. Rachmaninov was so good for them! Creative, powerful, clean skate, but good for only silver. A controversial decision. They were gracious in accepting it. I still can’t decide between them and G&G at the 1994 Olympics.

I miss them. I wish they had stuck around longer.


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Holy crapballs that was amazing. It actually resembles a proper ballroom quickstep!
And oh how I miss the days where dance was spent mostly in hold instead of the side by side we see now.

This is my favorite G&P OD. I think this is the best Quickstep ever skated. G&P were great ice dancers. They often didn’t get the credit they deserved. I was particularly bothered by the criticism of their 98 Olympics FD by Tracy Wilson. IMO Memorial FD was a masterpiece.

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Kaetlyn Osmond


SP: "Your Good Name"/"Ganesh" (Grade: A-) Prior to 2015, Kaetlyn worked exclusively with Lance Vipond as choreographer, whereas for the last three seasons he only did the short program. Not that Camerlengo and Buttle did bad work by any means (we'll discuss them later), but Vipond is an underrated choreographer in my opinion, and this Indian medley is probably Kaetlyn's most underrated program, which isn't surprising since she only did Canadian nationals and Junior Worlds that season so it largely passed without notice at the time. Lots of cool choreographic details. I suspect there'd be a bit more discussion about a white westerner skating this program now, though I'd assume this was Ravi Walia's idea as a tribute to his own cultural heritage.

FS: "Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso" (Grade: C) Fairly generic classical music program, and compared to most of Kaetlyn's other programs this one never had a great/near-great performance, so it was never really elevated by her charisma (and maybe isn't even the sort of thing where that would worked).

SP: "Mambo No. 8"/"Gwendoline" (Grade: A) And thus a star was born. This was a winner from the moment it debuted, and across five events she hit with it four times; arguably the Worlds version should have gotten her a small medal. But anyway, this plays perfectly to the sort of cabaret singer charm that Kaetlyn was most known for.

FS: Carmen (Grade: B) Yes, the mother of all warhorses. By no means the best Carmen anyone has ever given us, but it gets points for largely eschewing the "Habanera", and it's a well-designed program. Kaetlyn got in some at least one pretty solid version too (so close to a cleanish skate at Canadian nationals before falling on the last double Axel).

SP: "Big Spender"/"Rich Man's Frug" (Grade: A+) The best of Kaetlyn's pre-major injury programs, and while Fosse isn't the same as Edith Piaf by any means, this has always felt to me like the clearest forerunner of that program.

FS: Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra/Cleopatra and Caesar (Grade: A-) I was originally going to rate this a B+, but rewatching the nationals performance, I had forgotten how much I liked this program (and that was such a great moment for her, too). Much like the Indian program, this would doubtless be a bit more controversial now, though I admit I'm endeared by the oddball music selections (unlike, ahem, some choreographers, Vipond actually sought out Cleopatra-specific media rather than unrelated materials that sounded Middle Eastern).

SP: "La Vie en Rose" (Grade: B-) The only one of her competitive short programs that never got a fully clean version (though the mere triple-double at nationals is about as close as could have been hoped for given the season that was), this is the weakest of Vipond's short programs for her. The music choice (or, more specifically, the cover choice) is less than ideal, there are so many alternative versions of "La Vie en Rose" that would probably have suited her better, and she's doing the soft material the entire way through; so it doesn't have any of the signature Kaetlyn energy, as smooth and elegant as her skating was by this point.

FS: Piazzolla tango medley (Grade: B+) Kaetlyn's only program from a non-Canadian choreographer (or anyone other than Vipond or Buttle), Camerlengo delivered a neat little medley, though the middle section isn't as interesting as the beginning or close. This is definitely an area of music that I'm glad she tried, even if this was such a terrible season that the program in execution never reached its potential. This is the only season where I think her free was better than her short. Awesome costume.

SP: "Sous le ciel de Paris"/"Milord" (Grade: :love::love::love:) Honestly, what needs to be said about this one? She owns this music, now and forever. My favourite ladies' short program of its quad, and one of the best of all-time

FS: La Boheme (Grade: A) The first of two competitive classical programs from Jeffrey Buttle, suggested by him as a compromise when Walia didn't feel they were ready for her long-desired Black Swan program yet. She'd taken some stabs at this sort of music before, to mixed returns, but Buttle had a good eye for what would work for her, and this is a beautiful program, and would have been a seasonal highlight if not for the short program it had to share its billing with.

SP: See above.

FS: Swan Lake/Black Swan (Grade: A) There was a debate all the way through the Olympic season whether this was a good fit for Kaetlyn, even though it was her dream program. A lot of people didn't think she was a ballet type, and it's definitely not her default setting, but when she put it together that fine day in Pyeongchang, Jeff had given her a pretty good program to work with. And as a moment, this was a huge one for her.


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This sounds like a really interesting idea, I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s ranking and am looking forward to investigating some of the programs mentioned that I’ve never seen (the current situation provides a chance to do a deep dive into such things, after all).

For my own ranking, I hope it’s okay to use a currently competing team!

Here’s my rankings for Charlène Guignard and Marco Fabbri’s programs over the years.

Disclaimer because I had:
a) forgotten quite how many programs Charlène and Marco had had over the years.
b) seriously underestimated quite how much rambling I could do on the subject of their programs.
c) realised I hadn't graded anything below a B-, because there are no programs I don't like, just those that aren't as much of a favourite as others, so they're graded A++ down to B-.

I apologise now for the length of this post! For me, Charlène and Marco are an underappreciated team who deserve more love and I hope this list might encourage others to go and watch their programs too.


SD – Mine Vaganti /Assassin’s Tango (Golden Waltz)

Grade: B

They made a pretty good stab at the Golden, considering it’s their first season together and it’s one of the harder patterns, but you can see the concentration during the first half. Their characters really come out in the second half when Assassin’s Tango kicks in, and they have a cleverly choreographed non-touching midline right on the climax of the music which is great.

FD – March with Me / Aranjuez Mon Amour

Grade: B- (mainly for the strange music mash-up)

Weird music cut aside, this is a pretty good program, I especially enjoy the dramatic March with Me, which I think they capture the mood of well. There’s an effective combo lift on high point in the vocals, the later curve lift is a bit more laboured, but the ending position is uber dramatic and fits the program well.

Also, I’d forgotten Charlène was blonde for a season until I re-watched these!


SD – Cuentame / All is Fair in Love /Comadre Compadre (Rhumba)

Grade: A

Fun and flirty, they both look like their having a great time on the ice, and it’s infectious. Already showing more speed than the previous season and hitting 5/6 key points (in the video here from Europeans), this was a great short dance!

FD – The Godfather

Grade: B

The opening combo lift is awesome with its jump entry, fabulous straight-line section and pretty seamless travel across the ice. They capture the intensity of the music pretty well, especially towards the end. Plus, her dress is gorgeous. That being said, this isn’t one that tempts me to go back and watch it very often.


SD - Buongiorno A Te / Tritsch Tratsch Polka (Yankee Polka)

Grade: B+

Fun, playful and character-driven, all things Charlène and Marco are good at. Not their very best short dance, but a solid one.

FD - The Four Seasons

Grade: B

The first half has fast music and fast skating, and, in places, slightly frantic looking skating. The change in music works (cuts from Summer to Winter), and the combo spin is perfectly placed. Although it works as a program, there’s no obvious story to it (IMO).


SD – Cabaret / Big Spender (Finnstep)

Grade: B-

Another fun short dance, full of personality. For me, it doesn’t really capture the story or the vibe of Cabaret, and the cut to Big Spender is a bit odd. However, it’s a fun dance and you can really see the improvement in their speed from previous seasons.

FD – Romeo and Juliet

Grade: B+

A more ‘classical’ R&J than some (which stick to the Baz Luhrman ‘modern’ version) which conveys the story well, with gentle beginning, more intense (Dance of the Knights) middle, and emotional end. Their improving speed is again noticeable in the two step sequences and the combo lift, with its many intricate changes of position, is impressive.


SD – Farrucas / Gato Montes (Paso Doble)

Grade: B-

The first appearance of the Eurosport commentators call their ‘centrifugal force’ lift. Although this program shows their attack and speed, it's not one of my favourites.

FD – River Dance

Grade: A

So much attack and commitment to the ‘feel’ of the music consistently throughout. The fact they stay so in time with the music in the fast bits and cover up how knackered they must be feeling is impressive!


SD – Torna a Surriento / Maria Mari / Fantasia Italiana (Ravensburger)

Grade: A+

They sell this to the rooftops and skate with such effusive happiness that it’s difficult not to love this short dance. They may not have originated this particular acrobatic curve lift, but they still do it incredibly well.

FD – Schindler’s List

Grade: B

This is a difficult one to grade because I’m not usually a fan of Schindler’s List programs and am always torn as to whether they are wholly appropriate for skating or not. While their program is respectful, and clearly emotive both for them and the viewer, it’s very dramatic (almost, for me, operatic-style dramatic) and intense, in fact, it may be a bit too much so for some viewers.


SD – Grease (Midnight Blues)

Grade: A+

Charlène and Marco have said in interviews how much they love Grease (so much so, they have 3 programs to it: a Short Dance, a Rhythm Dance and an Exhibition!) and it definitely shows here. I like the contrast between ‘Worse Things I Could Do’ and ‘Greased Lightning’ and the curve lift right on the music change works really well.

FD – The Nutcracker

Grade: B+

A beautifully soft program which really suits them. The music may be a ‘warhorse’ but they do a good job of it. The daring curve lift (he on one foot, she balanced upside down holding on to his shoulders) from their free in 2015-16 makes a reappearance and gives everyone nightmares when they fall on it at Europeans.

2017 – 2018:

SD – La Tormenta / Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan / Samba de Rio Pardo (Rhumba)

Grade: A++

My favourite of their Short Dances, this completely captures the mood of the music and brings out all their fun, flirty playfulness on the ice. This is a program I happily re-watch many, many times. Their twizzles cover so much ice and all their elements have their characteristic attack. The non-touch step sequence at the end is particularly amazing, there’s a reason it got such high GOE!

FD – Exogenesis Symphony Part III

Grade: A++

Beautiful, mesmerising and emotional, shows off all their deep edges and intricate transitions without being frantic or fast-paced. They capture all the nuances of the music, and clearly really feel this program.


RD - Miedo a la Libertad / La Chanson des vieux amants / Tanos (Tango Romantica)

Grade: A+

Becoming Italian No.1s and delivering this technical masterclass of a Tango Romantica (often hitting 7 or 8/8 key points) finally allowed them to springboard over less technical teams and end up on the GPF and Europeans podium. They really capture the mood of the dance too, in a mature, intense way.

FD – La La Land

Grade: A

This free dance played straight into their wheelhouse being fun and playful, but still emotive. They deliver the characterisation and romance the music calls for but in a refined and understated way which allows their gorgeous skating to take centre-stage.


RD 1 – Paramour (Finnstep)

Grade: A+

Another technical masterclass, being one of few teams to hit all the key points early in the season and obtain a Level 4 for their midline step sequence. The clever choreo for said midline fits perfectly with the lyrics. I really liked this rhythm dance and was a bit sad they decided to change it. Also, her dress was absolutely gorgeous!

RD 2 – Grease (Finnstep)

Grade: A

As stated above, Charlène and Marco clearly love Grease and it shows in this program. I preferred their original RD, but enjoyed this one too.

FD – Space Oddity / Life on Mars

Grade: A++

This free dance was completely different from anything they had done before, but it worked so well. It’s ethereal, intense and awesome. The whole dance is seamless through the music changes and costumes, choreo, step sequences, lifts and everything else fits together so well that you’re not even thinking about the technical as you watch, you’re thinking about the story, the performance and, afterwards, how mind-blowing it is that they managed to skate it for the first half of the season without the full use of one of Marco's hands.


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Although I am not rating, I will say this: my very first exposure to figure skating came from stumbling upon Michelle Kwan's "Field of Gold" performance and Chen Lu's "Butterfly Lovers." I sat there, transfixed by what was happening on my screen and as Kwan and Lu's respective programs neared to an end, tears suddenly began dripping down. The months that would follow comprised of school work and binging on Kwan and Lu's performances. I would then fall in love with Mao Asada, Mirai Nagasu, etc... and thus began my adventure into the world of figure skating.

I say all that to say: the most magical performances in figure skating history are the ones that rile up a tsunami of emotion and bring you to tears or make you smile from ear to ear. I love reading everyone's comments and ratings simply because I'm discovering new skaters and re-falling in love with old performances I've neglected to re-watch.


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@AngieNikodinovLove this has nothing to do with your post, but I know you're a Real Housewives fan. I don't watch those shows, but I'm familiar with the RHOBH Amsterdam fight and I just discovered this take on it, which made me laugh until I cried.

Back to rankings:

Larry Loupolover 2019-20 SP A
Loupolover 2019-20 FP B-

I know this is WAY off topic but for any of those who are interested the trailer and taglines for the new season of Beverly Hills housewives drop today


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