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Mikaela Shiffrin's YouTube channel recently premiered her series called Moving Right Along - the first 2 spisodes are in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvqNfzS5_W-_riok9XbxB-N6BntYpvavq
Over the years I’ve grown to love giving those of you who are interested a lens into my world, my mindset, my own personal peaks and valleys in hopes that it might resonate with someone out there. So I’m quite excited to launch this YouTube channel and a new content series with you. I’m looking forward to giving you deeper insight into my story, from my own perspective, with the enormous help and effort of a select few people who have brought this concept to life. “Moving Right Along” is about more than moving forward from a series of very challenging moments at the Beijing games, even though that’s where it begins. It’s about learning and growth. It’s about doing the right thing for the right reasons—by “right”, I mean the reasons most important to you and your values—both on the mountain and off the mountain.
Earlier today (January 4, 2023):
The Christmas break couldn't halt Mikaela Shiffrin's march towards history, and it turns out that the New Year's break was powerless to stop it too.
The American superstar picked up right where she left off on Wednesday, dominating the Zagreb slalom for her fifth consecutive victory and 81st World Cup win, one short of the women's record held by her former teammate Lindsey Vonn.
Shiffrin mastered the spring-like conditions to win her women's record fifth World Cup race in the Croatian capital and first since 2019, finishing ahead of Slovakia's Petra Vlhova (+0.76s) and Sweden's Anna Swenn Larsson (+1.21s).
"I had so much fun skiing today and it was really my best skiing — both runs," Shiffrin said.
"Nothing less than the best is going to work and I was taking all the risks I needed and then nailed it on the finish."
Shiffrin's winning streak includes victories in a super-G in St. Moritz before Christmas, two giant slaloms and a slalom in Semmering between Christmas and New Year, and now the first of the two Zagreb slaloms in unseasonably warm weather.
Video of her 2nd slalom run today: https://twitter.com/usskiteam/status/1610733991161626627

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She's on fire lately! 🔥 I'm glad I got to see her race last week on Peacock. Sadly most of the rest of her races are on that skiing streaming site. Go Mikaela! After her disappointing Olympics, I'm so happy to see her bounce right back!

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Lovely article in the Wall Street Journal describing how Roger Federer and his wife invited Mikaela and her Mom to lunch after her unfortunate Olympics and how the discussion helped reinvigorate her motivation. The article really makes Roger sound like a very caring person and it's cute that Mikaela can be "star struck" but it's clear she has immense respect for him and his career.

He was saying, In order to preserve the longevity of your career, you need to take the moments to look around, appreciate where you are, breathe it in,” Shiffrin said. “As he got more into the depths of his career, when it gets harder to kind of look up and around you and appreciate everything right in that moment, is when it’s the most important to do it.”
He urged her to, “‘Enjoy the most incredible moments because what you do is incredible,’” Shiffrin said. “And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Roger Federer’s talking to me about my career.’ It was a little bit hard to really reel it all in and understand everything he was even saying, because I was sort of awestruck the entire time.”
As lunch stretched past two hours, Eileen remembered saying a few times that it was probably time to let the Federers get on with their day. “And Federer would reply, “‘No! We’re not in a rush,’” Eileen said. “And he’d ask another question. He’d say, ‘I’m just curious about this….’”
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