Loads of talent but not enough success to match it


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Who are the skaters with tons of talent but just can't get it done when it comes to winning championships? They don't belong in the train wreck thread because they have won some medals but they are/were capable of a lot more, based on talent. They just didn't have the tough mind.

This thought came to my mind when I read what happened to T/M at Finlandia LP. It is frustrating to watch their struggle. They are not alone in this club.

Sasha Cohen should have won many more titles tha her solo US nationals (whenKwan didn't compete).

Kolyada- another current skater who just can't get it done.

I didn't watch Liz Manley before the 88 Olympics but I heard that she had a similar problem until she delivered the performance of her life in the 88 Oly to win the silver.

Paul Wylie - just like Liz Manley.

I heard that Brian Orser should have won more worlds than just one. He made just enough mistakes to not stand at the top.


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My favorite skaters who could never put it together.

Jeremy Abbott - if he replicated his 2010 nats programs at the Olympics, we would have a different US man on the podium.

Mirai Nagasu - a double axel away from world bronze in 2010. Glad she was able to have a stellar 2018 nats to punch her 2nd oly ticket and skate an awesome LP in the team event. She had a lot of ups and downs but left me wanting more.

Alissa Czisny - loved her spins, smile and Winter into Spring program. Needed to land one triple lutz in her LP at 2011 Worlds to possibly podium.


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Jeffrey buttle

I think Jeff is actually the opposite of this thread - he overachieved with results compared to his (jumping) talent level. Based on what I saw of him as a junior, I never would have predicted him to win Canadian titles, world and Olympic medals or a world title. It’s not like he was someone who was consistent in practice who couldn’t put it together in competition. He just wasn’t as strong a jumper as his competition, but he found a way to use his other strengths to beat them.


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Ryan Bradley.
This is one I don't agree with - looking at the overall quality of his skating, I'd never imagine he would be National Champion and go to Worlds several times. An entertainer? Absolutely. But I saw him live at his first senior Nationals in 2000 and I don't think his skating really 'improved' between then and his last competitive season.

Matt Savoie? IMO 100% - both a mix of the judges not respecting him nearly enough (in a time when all the skaters were getting similar PCS regardless of content) and because he was often inconsistent. His placements when he was successful are one of the greatest skating mysteries of all-time for me.


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Add to it an Olympic silver and a team gold. Tough! :)
Considering his skating abilities, it was unfortunate that he didnt get to dominate more. In contrast Hanyu has 2 OGM in his own name.

On the original post - my answer is Eric Millot. Then again, perhaps not having a reliable 3axel in the 90s meant he wasn't too talented afterall. :fragile:


I said Patrick because despite his obvious monumental talent, I would go so far as to say generational talent, (with Hanyu being the only other one) he never did have the kind of success he could have had if he'd been a fierce competitor. Imagine what he'd have achieved with his talent both technical and artistic coupled with Stojko's competitive mindset. He'd have won everything in site - including a couple of individual Oly golds. He "lost" to Hanyu's 1st Only gold for want of a double axel. If he'd skated to his potential he'd have creamed him.


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If this thread were a Jeopardy answer, the correct question for me would be:

Who are your favourite skaters of all time?

They may have won less medals than their talent warranted, but MAN did they make me happy as a fan of figure skating.

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