Just call me Harry. (Everything Harry & Meghan)


On her 40th birthday she wants to encourage others to mentor women back to work. DailyMail is all over it, dedicating 4 articles to her project. I don't really understand how the idea is supposed to work.

What I find funny in the video are her high heels. This really cracked me up. My cousin destroyed my parents' precious parquet floor this way and my father never forgave her. :wuzrobbed:wuzrobbed
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An interesting take on Megxit

I just disagree with this part:

The death of aristocratic power helps explain the affection for Queen Elizabeth II – even republicans find it hard to condemn her. People like that she never asked to be head of state but does the job anyway. They do not care that, if truth be told, she is not a noticeably good head of state. If she were, she would not have agreed to Boris Johnson’s unlawful suspension of parliament in 2019, and insisted instead that he play by the rules.

The Queen's role as head of state is completely ceremonial. If she advised Johnson not to unlawfully suspend parliament and he disagreed and did it anyway she has no actual power to stop it happening. The Queen has never opposed anything the government has done, and rightly so because we don't vote for her, if she started making those sorts of decisions then the royal family would not last much longer at all. I also disagree that she is not a noticeably good head of state, I think she has been, and many tomes have been written about just how good she has been in the role. No-one has questioned her ability to do her job, if she'd started making governmental decisions and overruling parliament then she would be truly awful at her job. If/when Charles takes over I can definitely see the scales tipping back to a more hostile view of the royal family.


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I hate the cover, it's all about Meghan and she makes him look awful. Heavily photoshopped and airbrushed. Her clothes are actually beautiful though. But influencer, I think not.


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Wondered what you all thought of the cover!

Saw a meme of it that said "Harry looks like he's her hairdresser and he's looking into the mirror explaining what he did with her layers." :lol:

I guess it's hard to get original photographs these days, but surely any kid could do a better job photoshopping that.


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He looks too short in that, maybe she was standing on a box :lol:
If you mean the cover photo, he's sitting, she's standing.

I don't know who took some of the photos they published privately, but I'd say the photographer wasn't the most talented. There have been a lot of expressive photos of the two, this one isn't one of them and it's not because of who's in them.


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H&M made the Time 100.


Not really feeling the cover photo.
I'm not feeling the piece by Jose Andrés, either - I'd have had them write about him, but I'm pretty sure he's already been on the Time 100 list for his humanitarian efforts.

Meghan's hair could use a trim. The outfit is very good, though.

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