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My friend and I have been to Nebelhorn Trophy for years (and some other skating events) and we've seen Krasnopolski live very often by now, so when we read him on the list with a new partner, like others I admit we joked a bit about seeing him with a new partner all the time.

But we were really surprised and impressed by this new partnership seeing them live. in the Short program we had just entered the rink when they had started and missed a bit, so we were a bit surprised by their high placement, but in the LP we saw the whole program completely and were really impressed by the quality and speed. I think it's a very promising partnership and IMO the best we've seen him, despite the short time they skate together, Hailey was great and they seem a good match!


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really wonderful, touching story! and yes, despite all our jokes ... you have to respekt Evgeni ... i don't know what he's like as a person, but he's certainly very driven and talented.

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