"Ice Age. Kids" - 2019

Rina RUS

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:) two funny episodes:

Yagudin: Tell me, please, who does participate in choosing music? Do you? Or your coach just comes and says: "Alyona, here is the music, here is the program!"
Alyona: We just had a dance to this music on a jazz lesson.
Yagudin: Do you also have jazz lessons?
Alyona: Yes. /.../ I have choreography lessons, body-conditioning, jazz, ice.
Yagudin (worried, but quiet): School?
Alyona: Yes. I have school.
Yagudin: Brothers, sisters?
Alyona: Two sisters.
Yagudin: Pets?
Alyona: A turtle.
Yagudin: Really? You are not an ordinary child. So you have three sisters and a turtle... and jazz lessons... oh, oh, oh... Do you ever have a rest?
Alyona: No.
Yagudin (smiles): You'd like to, wouldn't you?
Alyona: No.
Yagudin (smiles): You wouldn't? You are right, it's too early to rest.

on the video:

Yagudin: Tatiana Anatolievna?
Tarasova: I'd leave her in the list to think once again about taking her to the project, even though she's not disappointed...
Yagudin (hastens to help): No, no, no! We are disappointed, Alyona, aren't we?
Alyona: I'm not.
Yagudin smiles, shows he can do nothing - and it's a pity

on the video:

Tinami Amori

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For non-russian speakers who intend to watch, the rules are:

These first two episodes are selection process. There is one more day (next Sunday) for the final selection.
- Each of the 4 listed judges (Nav, Aver, Trank, Kost) have to end up with 3 boys, 3 girls, 3 dance teams each.
- These 4 are not only judges, but will be training their group when selection is done.
- When skaters finish their number, before they are judged, they are asked which of the 4 judges they want to train with.
- Then 4 judges push either "Red" (for not interested), or "Green" for "yes, i am interested".
- If at least 1 Green light comes up, even if other 3 are Red, the skater/s ends up with the one who pushed Green.
- If more than 1 pushes Green, then skater/s gets to chose which of those who pushed green he/they want to train with.
- If all 4 pushed "Red", and Tarasova thinks the skater/s has potentials, or just had a bad performance, but saw him/her skate better the day before during practice, she will send him/her to "waiting room" to have a 2nd chance at getting picked at the end of the selection process.

Next show next Sunday - is the selection of the left-overs.

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