Cipres/FFSG Press Release on the situation 12-16-2019


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I think words like "incredibly stupid thing" and "atrocious mistake" are used to somewhat normalize very egregious acts that are illegal and should result in severe penalties.
In a press conference full of moments that made it clear how despicable Didier is, the parts about Cipres might have been some of the most infuriating things he said. Even if we ignore how he is belittling the crime that Cipres committed, to think that seeing a therapist is somewhat a suitable "punishment" for it and that it's the right way for the FFSG to handle the situation shows exactly how he is complicit in protecting abusers. Not to mention that this is what he is saying now, but when the news broke the federation stood behind Cipres and released this statement, which given what Didier said in his press conference was a complete lie:
“In light of the information at its disposal, the FFSG has no cause not to place its confidence in him”.
I truly hope this will be the end of Didier, the man is a monster.

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