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Hi everyone,

we just launched Skate Ukraine Direct Help project. If you want to help Ukrainian figure skaters, but are not sure how - check it out.

Every Ukrainian skater/coach who needs help, can fill a request and self-report what help do they seek, how much and what for. We verify that the person is who they are and provide you with detailed info of that person (we have public profiles on every competitive skaters and coaches). All requests are divided into two tiers – Tier 1 (accomodation, food, medicine, basic needs) and Tier 2 (skating related needs – skates, ice time, etc).

It's up to you to choose whom to help. You can offer to pay smaller sum. Once you apply, we send your contact to skater, and you are contacted directly to figure out the best way to transfer money (or help in monetary way). Contact details are never shared publicly as we care about privacy.

Here is a blog post with announcement. It provides some context and detailed explanation of how it works:

The permanent link to the Direct Help initiative is:


This project is an experiment. I personally would be grateful for some feedback from the community:

1) Is it clear from the announcement how it works?
2) Where else can we post the announcement to make a better reach in the figure skating community?

Also, if you can repost it in your skating communities, it would be great too.

Here is an instagram version:
And Facebook version:

Thank you!

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