Alexandra Trusova video interview: 5X, Ballet, Olympics and more

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Alexandra Trusova – video interview – 5X, Ballet, Olympics (and more, dogs, training mates, future plans).

The translations of her comments and narrator’s questions.
  • Trus:
  • I started watching figure skating on TV rather late in life. First time was Olympics 2014. With Lipnitskaya and Sotnikova, that’s who I remember. From that moment on I decided to skate professionally, and for a long time.
  • My annual vacation is 3 weeks long and towards the end I feel that I can’t live without figure skating. I want to quickly get back on the ice and to start training.
  • First you get back into practice, then it is the need to perform.
  • I am more fortunate than many kids, at the age of 14 I’ve already travelled and seen half of the World.
  • Most exciting one was my trip to Australia, for my first JGP event. I loved it there. I landed my first 4S there, although with under-rotation, and touched a Koala.
  • Also we (she with parents) went to Wien in a middle of one of my vacations, because I was selected for an award “Best Young Athlete of Europe”. That was new. I did not have to skate. I had to talk. I’d rather skate.
  • In Moscow I went to the World Athletics Championship, and was impressed with Paul Sain, he is so fast, I liked him a lot.
Question: how often do you train off ice in a gym?
Trus: Twice a day, every day. During summer camp either Sergey Viktorovich (Dudakov) or less often Daniil Markovich (Gleikh) are present with us.

Question: which one is more fun to train with?
Trus: it’s actually Eteri Georgievna. We compete with each other (on the floor) which can do more single Axels in a row. My records are 42 axels and then 50 axels. Last time we did it, I won! We girls do compete like that. But the boys don’t.
  • I am not scared of jumping, but on the floor it is easy you land on your flat foot, and on the ice it’s different, you have to hold an edge and hold the landing.
  • A, S, T jumps are easier on the floor (than on the ice), but Lz, Lo, F are practically impossible to do on the floor.
Question: are you better jumper than your coaches?
Trus: (makes face - “no comment”)
Trus: (demonstrates a belt “it’s to train arms’ muscles”. Shows how she does pull-ups on a bar)
  • I am not scared of jumping, I am more afraid of roller-coasters.
  • Sometimes (jumps) don’t go well, sometimes they work. Well, I get upset, but the next day I am fine.
  • Nathan Chen I like a lot. He is constantly does new quads, practices them a lot and puts them in his programmes.
  • When we’re in shows or at galas together, we perform out quads at the end. In Japan we jumped side by side quads. In Krasondar we jumped with Alexei Erohov. At JWC I also jumped with someone. Also did a side by side cantilever with Shoma.
  • I want to better learn from Chen one of the quads, lutz or toe-loop.
Question: can we expect a 5X jump from you anytime soon?
Trus: I first need to do the quads well, and be physically read. For now the coaches won’t let me try (5X).
  • I am doing 3A on a fishing pole, but not on my own yet (clip of 3A on ice).
  • 3A is a different jump, you have to enter it going forward and rotate differently. It is easier for me to do a toe-pick take off jumps. You just put the toe pick into ice and jump upwards.
  • (video clip of her ballet training on pointes with Gleikh’s mother, Mrs. Shalashova).
  • I like ballet very much. But it is not a sport. I tried it, I dance on points, I like it, ballet also has lots of jumps.
  • Mrs. Shalashova (editorial: she has passed away recently), when we trained together, and when I asked her, knew that I like jumps and would give me lots of balletic jumps to practice, many variations from the ballets she used to dance in when she was a ballerina. I want to go to Bolshoi Ballet for sometime now.
  • My FS is “Game of Thrones”. In three weeks I managed to watch all of it, from 1st to 8th season.
  • The end was horrid. Daenerys was supposed to become the Queen.
  • I like my costumes to be good looking and comfortable. I look at the sketches and let the designer know which ones I like when there are several to pick from.
  • (clip of Sasha, Anna, Aliona together at the rink)
  • We three are all very different. Anna and I are the same age, Aliona is slightly older. That’s it. In everything else we’re very different. In character, in essence, in appearance… I don’t know.. we’re just very different, simply different. It’s better when everyone is different. It’s more interesting.
Question: do you (girls) compete on social media who has more subscribers/fans?
(screen-shot of their accounts: Anna 46K , Sasha 79K, Aliona 33K)

Trus: Yes, we did compete when it was about equal. But now it is all different direction. I mostly competed with Daniil Markovich (Gleikh), until my IG account was (strangely) deleted due to not being yet 13. Although I was already 13 when I opened the account…. We tried to reinstate it but could not. I just don’t know….. my following was grown very rapidly at that time (makes face, hinting something was not right).
  • I don’t really read the comments (in IG). I make posts, maybe read first few replies, just out of curiosity.
  • Yes, I watch my programmes on youtube. Love to watch my exhibition numbers; my FS from my first JWC.
  • Yes, I do notice (look for) how many people watched the videos on youtube. My FS from my first JWC had 1,000,000 views.

Question: which skaters did you cheer for at the last Worlds?
  • In Men, for Nathan Chen. In Ladies? In Ladies I simply can’t (name you one). And in Pairs and Dance, for any of our Russian skaters.
  • I don’t have friends outside of skating. Only my family and my training mates.
  • In my free time I go with my brothers to see films, to shopping malls, to game arcades, they love to play. We go to aquatic-parks (water slides), various amusement parks.
  • I often bicycle ride with Father and my brothers; ride my electric scooter.
  • There are those days when I just want to lounge around, feeling tired, or exhausted from travels, and travels and travels… you just want to stay home.
  • My dream is to have a huge house, with many many many dogs. I always loved dogs.
  • My father promised me a Poodle if I do well at these past Junior Worlds. And mother said when I learn a 3A. I did well on father’s condition…
  • Mother is always with me (at the rink). When I skate I look at her sometimes, she is sitting on the bleachers, all is ok.
  • Sometimes mother and father go on vacation alone and leave us, not often. Then it feels strange (not good). I can’t be without them. My mother told me that as long as I need her to travel with me to competitions she’ll be there for me, until I tell her myself to stay home and want to go alone.
  • I always pack my travel bags myself. Because I am worried that mother will forget something important.
  • It’s nice to travel with mother. She braids my hair.
  • My biggest fear? An airplane crush. I like to fly long distances. Not the up in the air part. Just everything that happens before and after take-off and landing.
  • I like to travel in a bunch (in a group), the whole process of packing, preparing, getting together. When we went to Australia, it took 24 hours there, and 26 hours back. I loved that. Although during one segment (of the flight) we almost crushed, it was a bad turbulence.
  • In my opinion, only 1st place means winning. All places below 1st – means you lost, anyway you look at it. So it’s best to skate clean and be 1st.
  • It is very interesting (exciting) to do what nobody else can… and yet I can. One just has to want it badly enough.
  • All I want is a clean skate with quads. What do I with for the most? To win the Olympics.
Question: if later you were asked what do you remember the most about your child-hood?

Trus: how well I skated on ice.



Off season is club competition season!
Same interview (original source) is on YT:


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I hope she has a breakout senior season, GPF, Euros, Worlds, because it seems like we have been waiting forever for her to be senior eligible and I hope she gets these wins out of the way. I would not mind her getting the OGM but it is luck to peak at the Olympics, let alone in the right set of performances, Team vs Ladies.


Off season is club competition season!
After winning her GP debut at Skate Canada International, Trusova sat down for a video interview with the Olympic Channel on Sunday (2 mins.):

Here's her sbs 4T with Hanyu at the gala practice:

The Skating ISU Channel uploaded some of her comments after she won (includes English subtitles):


She has uploaded a longer interview (7 mins.) from Kelowna on her YT channel:
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She has uploaded a longer interview (7 mins.) from Kelowna on her YT channel:
Thank you, Sylvia!
The interview has decent translation, but it misses some "interesting twists" in a few places. for example... :). Sasha was asked by Tanya F. about "having a male/man's mentality/character" (@4:23) when it comes to handling quads.. :lol: (not "what is your character" as it was translated).. Sasha gave a PC answer "i can't asses myself, maybe others can".. :lol:


Off season is club competition season!

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