A performance from the past it just gives you chills. Please post one


RIP D-10
I'm going to cheat an add a second live performance: Shizuka Arakawa's FS at Dortmund Worlds, 2004. But that's because My Girl put it all together and skated a blinder. (I actually did see Matthew Savoie's 2005 SP live, but I was holding my breath the whole time, and I may or may not have had to be pried from underneath my seat when it was over, I was so nervous for him. So the first time I "saw" the program was on video.)

I have another type: not a performance, but part of a replay. In one of the CD's or OD's (or whatever it was at the time), there was a slo-mo close up on Maia Usova's feet, and she was so deep into her outside edge, that it looked like her ankle was about to touch the ice. I had chills, and now my favorite part of replays is when they show slo-mo closeups of feet.

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