2019 World Athletics Championships - Those Who Can Doha


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Good day for the moms and a clean day for US relay.
I’ve really enjoyed the competition. And I now know more names going into Tokyo.


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Good final day of the championships, the last 4 days finally made us feel this was a world championship

In the 1500m Sorry for Jakob, no medals this time but plenty of experience coming into Tokyo where I believe he will take one

Mihambo 7.30 metres! wow incredible and she can improve

US 4x400m Relays dominant and with no Michael Norman in the squad, the women's 3.18 time very good, they have a good shot at the World Record next year in Tokyo, Sydney McLaughlin taking part of the relay

Uganda taking a 2nd gold medal at this event.

Men's javelin throw underwhelming, congrats to the guy from Grenada who won but this was more like a fluke and considering there were injuries, sub par performances from the big names, under achieving, well this event looked on paper to be more interesting and it was very 'rare' but it's a gold medal for Grenada. Hopefully Tokyo final will be as good as the shot put was in Doha.

Poor Magnus Kirt dislocating his shoulder, still took the silver medal

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